Badlands Bino XR binocular/ rangefinder initail review

This video is about the Badlands BinoXR.


Tony Patey says:

Great review, very thorough. I’m still trying to find the part where you were trying to show us how to show up on your end. I asked another channel to check and I showed up. He said if the videos are coming in and I’m notified, I should show up. I’m still going to try to get to that part you showed last video. Not just because I want to be entered in your gaw, but to make sure I’m showing up everywhere I should. Somehow I have to get to the privacy part to check. Thanks a lot Tony

sean manix says:

Can I get hands on with this next time I am over? I love a well made chest pouch.

Tikka 300 WSM says:

That thing is a beast! Looks like you have a backpack on the front as well as the back!

Troy Te Ao says:

Awesome review I’m trying to order one from Australia.

Norman Mallory says:

This is good.. I have never used a bino pack and only noticed folks using them for the past year. How well do you like wearing one in the field? After I learned about them I’m thinking I should have one as I live with binoculars for the most part.. I never go out without them..

Muscle Protein says:

Do the magnets interfere with the gps and electronics?

Samong Yang Outdoors says:

Nice review! You went through everything I wanted to know and now I have one on its way to me. Thanks for taking your time to do this video. I appreciate it a lot!

shameless716 says:

Great video brother! Badlands has that on sale right now for $75.00!! But the Approach Camo isn’t.

JJ Knoll says:

Can you give me an idea of the internal dimensions for the binocular portion of the pack?

Stephen James says:

The only issue I have come across with this front pack is climbing into some tripod stands… i have been caught in some scary situations where I have gotten hung up and had to take a step back down because I couldn’t climb in safely. I love the pack, but I suggest testing climbing in and out of the stand with it before the hunt.

Tim Thomas says:

Great detailed review man!!

Kaleb Greenwood says:

Good review. Have you shot your bow with the Bino XR on and with the flaps open? IF so, how does it do with them open? Also are there any problems with the flaps slamming shut unexpectedly ?

TrapZoneCanine says:

Awesome review!

adamrecon says:

Great review. I like how you did not simply regurgitate the specs from the website as many do. I was looking for a bino case mainly for archery shoots and hunting. I also wanted one that was NOT cammo and suited for hiking. Any chance you could post up a video of putting a few different binos in the case to show fit? Great video, keep them coming.

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