Best Binoculars under $500. See what you want to see.

Ray Reviews the Nikon Monarch 7 a truely awesome binocular for the serious hunter, birdwatcher or just serious about seeing stuff.

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Raymond Kilminster says:

just bought a pair of 10×42 and they are excellant

Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C says:

Hmmmm….I never thought about ineffective it can be to “test” a pair of binoculars out in a store.

mobyz2 says:

Its so cruel to shoot deer. How would you like someone hunting you?

jsprite123 says:

The Monarch 7 is definitely worth the extra $$$ over the Monarch 5.

John RossStar says:

Are they clear all the way to the edge? Wako posted a video and says the 8’s are clearer than the 10’s when nearing the edges.

Trident says:

How clear monarch 7? It can be compared with vortex razor HD?

Czar Zenana says:

The choice of binoculars is very personal. I tested 8×42 bino’s a while back.
I didn’t like the Nikon Monarch 7 at all. I didn’t like the armor and I found the optics not the best. They are also not that sturdy which is not just me saying that.
Overall I found the Vortex Talon the best under 500 euro’s (life time warranty as well), but my personal favorite was the Bynolyt Buzzard III. The Vortex is build like a tank, but it is a bit big and heavy. It feels very similar to the famous Swarovski EL, although the optics are of course not that good. The Bynolyt is probably only sold in Western-EU. It is smaller than the Vortex and much lighter. The quality of the optics of both is quite similar. The Zeiss Terra ED surprised me, it is over 100 euro’s cheaper than the others mentioned and I definitely prefer the Zeiss over the Nikon Monarch 7.
IMO you should test binoculars yourself on a dark cloudy day. We all have different faces and hands and if you wear glasses you should test with and without glasses. Test the optics and the handling and do not care much for the accessories. You can always buy a better strap or a better carrying case afterwards, so those should not be the deciding factor.

gordibito says:

I have the Nikon Monarch 7 in 8 x 30 and love them. Super easy and comfortable to carry. Very clear and lightweight. Great choice.

mobyz2 says:

Fair enough but you had the choice the buck didn’t.

John Gisbourne says:

Nice review man, I get them next week. Hope for some HD too !

Skeptic100100 says:

Just bought a pair of the 10×42…they are amazing.

Ticky Tocky says:

I just got my 10×42 monarch 7 and all I can say is my Nikon Action EX are better and cost 1/3 as much as the Monarch. Very overrated. Go with the Action EX and don’t be fooled by the hype. In fact, I have a pair of 45 year old Mercury binoculars that were probably 15 bucks from Kmart, (I don’t know, I got them for Christmas from my dad) and they more than keep up with the Nikon.

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