Best Value Night Vision spotter? – Nightfox 100V Review

Revolutionary widescreen viewing monitor – comfortable viewing with both eyes, even useable with glasses
Viewing range of up to 100m at night, 3x magnification with 6x digital zoom
Straightforward and instantaneous operation
6hrs battery life on eight AA batteries
18 month warranty and Nightfox product support from the UK

Easy on the eye.
The Nightfox 100V is a new type of of digital night vision device that’s easier to use, and at a much lower price. It’s similar to a normal night vision monocular, but with one large widescreen viewing monitor for both eyes. You can even use the comfortable eyepiece whilst wearing glasses.

Clear as day.
Because the Nightfox’s digital sensor is highly sensitive, in ambient light such as at dusk or dawn you don’t need to use the built-in infrared illumination to see far. There are 7 levels of IR illumination to use in different conditions. The highest level is powerful enough to see up to 100m at night. Thanks to a high frames-per-second camera sensor, the widescreen video monitor displays crisp, seamless footage that’s easy on the eye.

Instant operation.
The Nightfox has been made as easy to use as possible. Start up is instantaneous, and while you’re observing, three buttons (controlling the power, zoom, and IR illumination) and a focus wheel are right at your fingertips. Set up the 100V for extended periods, such as wildlife observation, using the tripod thread on the base.

Tough and dependable.
The Nightfox 100V uses digital technology, so unlike traditional analogue night vision devices it doesn’t experience illumination overexposure from high levels of light. It will operate for up to 6 hours on 8x AA batteries (not included), in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C, and the solid construction and tough plastic case protect it from wear-and-tear.

Based in Britain.
Many Amazon sellers aren’t based in the UK. Our team is based in Brentford, Greater London. You can trust us to provide excellent customer support and you can be assured that our standard 18 month warranty isn’t a false promise. We’re also available by phone or email to provide product support and help with any queries.


MsBilko says:

It is not each to their own , its not the music but how Loud it is just when the show its starts, nearly blow my speakers !! Would you like that if somebody does that to you ?

MsBilko says:

The review was okay, that the music at the beginning Wasn’t that good at all

Skull gaming94 says:

Please start putting more vids out Andy I really enjoy and I’m guessing a lot of your subs do but please try release more we really enjoy them

RBG says:

why some monoculars show green image and others dont? thanks

derkman127 says:

Pity of the batteries

AG72 says:

Glad to see a new video from you again! I have wanted some nightvision gear for some time, to use at our cabin where there is no electricity , it gets pitch black when the sun goes down, but since we got bears, wolfs, hogs, poisinus badgers and rabid deers i realy don´t want to see whats out there when nature cals at night…

Drak preepers says:

Se a lucido con la rewie., Casi 10 minutos para ver cómo se ve en la oscuridad y sin mostrar nada en concreto y muy rápido, una pena de rewie

Ridvan 27 says:

100 m nothing you can see whith your eyes

John Pirie says:

Hi Andy; what do you use for a range finder?
Keep the videos coming.
Really enjoying them.

Lucifer says:

If only they use the 18650 cells or USB rechargeable batteries.. Would be better, I think

rjtecheng says:

Do you think this unit would be capable of picking up a fox at 200yds with a Nightmaster 400 IR illuminator attached ?

Wayne Morgan says:

How long do the batteries last?

lensman57 says:

Hi and welcome back. I wonder if this unit could piggy back on the back of a scope?

Callum Gomersall says:

can you show us how to attach sling to a tx200 please,great video Andy ☺

Nate Bohannan says:

What’s the song?

ronald ferreira says:

so without the infrared light you see nothing. can people see your light shining on them

Mark Homer says:

Well , it seems a damn good piece of kit , though night shooting is not my cup of tea these days . That said I can see a few excellent advantages in owning this piece of kit , specially at my age .. the Mrs has taken too meandering around the bedroom at night totally starters , in order to avoid me getting amorous , this piece of kit will be invaluable too me for dogging her prior to attempting ” rumpy pumpy ” cheers Andy … Your a star … And made an old man happy …


you need to lose the stupid music it make me want to turn you off it took much

Richard Kuhn says:

looks like a great spotting tool and the price is right  I live in the US so cant order it from UK but have an equivalent on amazon US     Anyway saw you featured on The Squirrel Hunter and subscribed to your channel also (mostly enjoy the rat & rat w/fuzzy tail vids)  keep up the good work

Roby babe says:

Do you think these would work for sky watching for spotting UFO’s?

Randy Higgins says:

Nice review, I have spent thousands on a thermal scope for Coyotes and seen the American version of this pop up in the store recently. It’s called X-Stand XAN850. It has rechargeable batteries and an SD Card for its camera/video. It comes with a nice bino strap, as well as a head mount that connects exactly the same way as a Go Pro head strap unit. At first, I figured this was a toy! Until I set up the display unit….I was amazed at how well this works! I actually laugh to myself that something can work this well for night vision and be so inexpensive. Blows away anything comparable by a mile, they stated 110 yards in complete darkness and it goes much farther clear as a bell with the internal IR. First unit I have seen that actually under advertises it’s usable distance. Anyway great review! Cheers

Bill Howie says:

Good review Andy. Looks pretty good value considering the Nitesite spotter sells for £600. I am using a Wolf Rtek on a Hawke Airmax SF on my 100kt. I usually shoot on 10x and have fitted a coaster on the mag wheel so I can scan with the Nitesite on 4x then move it back to 10x for the shot. I might think about the Nightfox or the 120r although it’s always just something else to lug around my perms

justin G says:

Is it good for looking at my neighbor’s window 350 yards away?

Blackout Hunter says:

keep up the good work andy

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