Binoculars Price Comparison

Watch Paul from Vortex Optics discuss the differences in price and what to look for between different binoculars.


Dan Chaytor says:

Thanks was not sure which set to go for. As its a fractional difference and you can get nearly 3 X Diamondbacks for the price of the Viper, I’d go with the former

Cold Hawaii says:

Good video, but I have to inform you that, the carat of a diamond, refers to the size (actualy the weight) 1 metric carat is equal to 2 milligrams, or 0,2g – got nothing to do with the quality of a diamond, just the weight……cheers

2kimports says:

So ive been shopping around for a pair of binoculars and i can definitely say that Vortex are the best binoculars pound for pound , meaning that you get a better than average binocular for a very decent price . That being said the viper is a little bit better than the diamondback however , sometimes im not sure if its 300 hundred dollars better! if the vipers where around 480 to 520 then i would say the price matches the quality but yeah get the vipers if you can find them on the cheap . Dont get me wrong i own 3 vortex products and i absolutely love them , Lifetime warranty is also a collosal plus, but in this case Viper vs Diamondback binoculars its a tough decision

Reel-Lentless says:

I like how you say it so people understand…..fractional differences mostly…and each person just needs to decide what they want.  I can agree with small steps in price for glass, but not so much when you double or triple the difference.    I can tell you from owning both the Diamondback and Viper HD….the difference in overall vision quality is not fractional it is substantial.   I tell people every day….if your activity requires glass….buy the absolute best you can even if you have to make payments before you buy anything else.   If you cant see it you cant enjoy it.

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