Budget Night Vision ! (Pinty Night Vision Binoculars)

Pinty 7 x 31 Night Vision Binoculars Digital Infrared Night Vision Scope, 640 x 480@30FPS, Photo Camera & Camcorder w/400m/1300ft Viewing Distance, 7x Magnification in the Darkness, 4″ Large Viewing




No Akomplice says:

It’s basically a cheap digital video camera with no internal storage and a tiny display. Oh and a larger IR light. You’d be better off buying a nicer (cheaper than this) digital camera with decent ,zoom “night vision) and buy an IR LED flashlight.

Ed Wo says:

So for those unfamiliar with passive night vision, if you are buying these for your kid as a toy they will be fine and give them a couple weeks of fun.
If your buying them for commercial, military, tactical or prepping they are cheap pieces of shit, save your money for the real deal.
The are at best comparable to gen 1 night vision, current gen 3 has 3 to 4 time the clarity and 4 to 5 time the range and that’s without an IR flood light like that POS is running. Takes 8 AA compared to an AN/PVS 14’s single AA. Don’t be a cheap ass, save up for the real deal. The Night Vision Company TNVC has military AN/PVS 14’s & 7’s gen3 for under 2500. It’s worth the wait.

James Owsley says:

Does this produce any light?The deer looked right at him?

Juan Rivera says:

I don’t know solomark make a decent one for 1/3 of the cost. Check out my video and it is pitch black out. https://youtu.be/BKPUrxj5XC0

Dave wallace says:

“Currently unavailable.
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” :/

bristol says:

You didn’t mention the charging system, how long before charging , internal battery’s or replacement….

Gary Miller says:

Pretty impressive for what it is. If they could seal it against moisture, they might have a winner in that price range.

bazzarr says:

Bigfoot hunters will go crazy over these!

Mercury says:

A much better option than this junky thing would be an Armasight Vega or an Armasight Spark Core. They’re modernized Gen. 1 devices that are way more compact and still have the built in IR illumination.

Hue Manatie says:

Yeah, most people are starting to realize that having 15 different ways of starting a fire is not going to be enough. These things would certainly give away your position to anyone with that type of equipment. In other words, precisely the sort of person you would not want to attract. You know, someone creeping around out there in the dark, like you.

John Skinner says:

Of course since they are sold by pinty good luck with any warranty claim. their website is a joke with no way to contact them. Once the sellers warranty expires you outa luck. bought a Pinty scope that died after 45 days.. Pinty refuses to even acknowledge me.

Val A.B says:

It’s a shame that it does not cross the Brazilian border into my hands, because the federal police do not allow us to have something like this.

westin Sandberg says:

Shame there is no capabilities without using the ir light, any ideas for budget NV that can function soley with ambient light (moonlight starlight clear skies etc.)?

Don Love says:

Use em on the dark web


How many price

Shotgun93Alexander says:

Is it USB rechargeable

No problem No problem says:

you Runied the whole review just by harping on the fact,that it ” looks like cheap plastic ” FYI that’s poly urathene a type commonly used compound used in almost all weapons.because of it’s strength and durability it’s almost as strong as steel.for that price you can’t go wrong.The ONLY THING I’ve ever seen better was in the military in the early ’80s,and that was starbright,at that time it wasn’t available to the public ! ! ! !

GPlus IsFascist says:

Any way to use this with a scope or red dot? Would love an option to mount this with a quick detach on an AR.

Tom says:

This is a $100 ebay night vision monocular in a larger case. If it had OPTICAL zoom it might be worth more, but it’s literally the same crap as you can get anywhere for $100, except with more plastic around it. You paid $150 for that shitty plastic.

Axel Babel II says:

cool channel, subbed

leon veed says:

I want to buy it? Any shop in Europe? What is exact model name

Hati Barai Officials says:

How Much This Binoculars?

Asif Iqbal says:


Miller Ingram says:

What is the run time before battery swap, or how long does one setup last?

Bill C says:


EL EVO says:

I have a pair of night vision goggles. I attach a flashlight to my regular Goggles and there you have it :o) I know, I know I am a genius :o)

Seriously Nice review. Thanks.

David Gutierrez says:

I bought this and it’s a piece of SHIT

MrKeys57 says:

Nice rev! – i actually got it today, and have not had time to test, but just a little, – but it is as you say a little “cheap feel”, but functions ok for the price, my is called and printed “Burell NV-400”, both on packaging and camera — and is “militarygreen”, so they may have bought the rignts to put their name on it,– i live in Sweden, and i had to pay 280euros for it, – i will of course test it furthermore, – by the way, there is an automatic poweroff function in the settings (1-3mins), — nothing but good to report, so far, greetings, Levi in Sweden

Ryan Davis says:

it would be cool to have a device that did the green, digital, and thermal

Drubadub Adub says:

Hmmm… I can’t get the coupon code to work… :'(

Miller Ingram says:

I was think of linking an external line or port for external connnection via lipo battery. Any one with this knowledge would be appreciated. If you do not know please, “do not reply!”

Brad Mitchell says:

Compare Pinty to Night Fox at the same price

tony cruz says:

Thanks for the video

I love night vision toys I will be get one of them

RICK says:

I used to buy budget. But for me they allways crapped out on me. They just never lasted. I now buy quality equipment.

R. Beckwith says:


52262 says:

well that sucks. it’s not even being sold anymore.
how much was it btw?

Sean Anon says:

Hey I didn’t watch the whole thing, looks pretty cool, but can I use it as a scope on my 308?

matthew turner says:

Give it the water bottle!!!!!!!!

Peter Lau says:

Only $270

Ivan Morozov says:

Should review some old cheap Soviet night vision

Lazarus of Luke says:

An EMP burst would be what concerns me in having them being digital. Also any Electronic Attack capabilities or Electronic search. That is speaking on End World times.

K Lee says:

Come with head set?

Blocked User says:

So now they need to invent a green/red dot sight that detects when someone is pointing a night vision device with an iR illuminator at you and gives you a green/red dot on the iR source so you can take them out before they take you out. As soon as the iR source disappears , alert stops and the green/red dot sight goes back to its previously zeroed point of impact.

Khao Peyo says:


johnnymcblaze says:

My dad just bought 12 dollar military grade nightvision binoculars. Waiting to see if their gi joe size.

Dahlia Ansley says:

Not budget! Mid-range but good function. Thanks for the review.

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