Bushnell Powerview 12×25 Binocular Review

Reviewing the Bushnell Powerview 12×25 Binocular on top of Wallace Falls State Park.

Buy it here: http://amzn.to/2fogZ0N


Zerobladetion Wot says:

Good to carry around. I rather buy Celestron 25X100 astronomy binoculars.

wallabing says:

I got to handle these binoculars and they are headache inducing. Very small exit pupil and very short eye relief, very painful to use because I had to keep my head extremely stiff and still to use them.

Cool One says:

Great review. Wow, you can really see that mountaintop in detail! If a camper were up there taking a dook, you’d likely be able to identify what he had for lunch. LOL. Nice video review. Thx.

Ярослав Обухов says:

Вот отличный монокуляр 30×52, двойной фокус, зеленый фильм, HD, линзы- БАК 4, 100% отраженного света. Бесплатная доставка http://ali.pub/hlkox

FinnishArmy says:

I actually used these for stargazing and was able to see Jupiter and one of it’s gas belts! 5/5 stars! Amazing product to me at least.

Ярослав Обухов says:

Вот отличный, недорогой монокуляр Bushnel 30х52, двойная регулировка фокуса, 66/8000 м, бесплатная доставка http://ali.pub/rfnac

J Striker says:

Thanks for the great review.  You should let the company know about your video b/c you sold me on them.  Nothing on their website gives an idea of the magnification capabilities.  I hope you+your dog are still doing good!

Luis Martinez says:

I never really understood what the plus/minus signs on the right sense were for. can someone explain?

NearNeptune 3 says:

I use these for stargazing.

Jessie Martinez says:

But it doesnt tell if its waterproof

클라스백사자 says:

잘보고 갑니다.

ReviewMaster - קהילת הקניות הישראלית says:

I also reviewed a bushnell bunicular with Porro Prism system. But it was 50X50.
Check the review in my channel! 🙂

Allan Smith says:

I already own 8×56 binoculars I bought at more than twice the price more than 10 years ago, but I wanted something smaller to take on trips. I am more than pleased with this new pair. The optics are as good as my larger pair, but these binoculars are easier to hold. The zoom feature along with the focus are great. I would recommend this pair to anyone wanting something compact with excellent optics and ease of use. The included case makes it easy to attach to your belt for easy carrying.

Just saw this on Amazon: Pentax 62217 UCF II 8-16×21 Zoom Binoculars http://amzn.to/2hk1bLu

Shane Llemit says:

can u see the moons of jupiter or the orion nebula with this binoculars?:)

Jessie Martinez says:

I like the stronger magnification but it should be water and fog proof to have clearest view all the time

Jessie Martinez says:

All binoculars should be water proof to suit rugged outdoor use. Whoever wants a unit when in outdoor andit rains you need to hide your binocular, afraid of being get wet.

doomoncharlie says:

Thanks .. buying from Amazon now .. good price too, only $18.50

yunsuiwuyue says:


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