Celestron Skymaster 25×70 binoculars magnification long distance test HD, on Primrose Hill, London

I bought these off Amazon, watch my review/unboxing
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Watch with captions on, if you can
Celestron 25×70 magnification test on Primrose Hill, London, UK


Anime4 Mii says:

looking through camera make it feel different then through the binoculars
binocular 10X look like your there vs the camera feel just like a foto at 10X same

scott merrow says:

You sure can see the 4 moons of Jupiter with them if they’re mounted on a tripod. 25x binos are NOT hand holdable. Way too many of these binos arrive out of collimation, but if you get a pair that are in good collimation they’re worth every penny spent. Just remember to treat them gently, it doesn’t take much of a whack to knock them out of collimation.

siddharth keshwala says:

can u tell me how far 16x bino can zoom ?
how much meters ?

9 0 says:

this would be great for stalking girls you like

LetMeDrone says:

Go to 3:15 to see the binocular through my camera!

LetMeDrone says:

umm I’m not too sure what you mean. :/
25×70 means the magnification is x25 and the lens diameter is x70, so 25×70 is better than 15×70 simply because the magnification is (25 divided by 15) 1.67 times better, which makes a big difference when looking at stars, planets and other long distance scenes. So it depends on what you want the binoculars for as I know there is a price, weight and size difference.
The brightness of the image is no different between the 2 binoculars.
Hope that helps. 🙂

Varun eltMst says:

Cant we zoom in and out , does it have option on it

LetMeDrone says:

Okay sweet, yeah I have been planning on doing a video of the moon through these binoculars for months, but every time I have the time, there is thick cloud looming. :/ Hopefully I will have a video of the moon up soon in 1080p 🙂

Nguyen Tran Le says:

can i ask you a question the 15×70 and the 25×70 which is better

LetMeDrone says:

Yes the magnification is not as good, but it is lighter and smaller, so easier to carry around I guess. 🙂
They both have their pros and cons.
If you wanted the 25×70’s you could have bought them off Amazon, that’s where I got mine from. 🙂


Hi! I am thinking to buy a Celestron Skymaster 25×70, so I want to know if stars shake pretty much when you are looking up the sky at night. thanks

Fk67Lg says:

I heard in your video that you cannot see the 4 moons of Jupiter, and I find that quite curious that you say that.  Did you try to look for these moons on just one evening?  I know that Jupiter’s location in the night sky does change from one night to the other. One night it may be low on the horizon, and the next night you may find it halfway between the horizon and straight overhead. But the position of each of Jupiter’s moons changes also from one evening to the next. When you can see them they are all in pretty much a straight line, which passes through Jupiter, but the position of each moon also changes, relative to each other in their orbits.  Sometimes I’ve seen two moons on each side of Jupiter, and two on the other, next evening I might see three of them on one side of Jupiter and the one remaining moon on Jupiter’s other side. Maybe when you looked for the moons, you think that maybe it was on a night when the moons were so close to Jupiter when in their orbits for that night, that maybe you only saw one white round dot?  Maybe you are right, I don’t know. The binoculars you have are neat and I’d like to get a pair myself. How much is 75 pounds in American dollars? Any way ,  happy viewing! 


I bought a new bino today from internt on the site astronomer house, but unfortunatly there wasn’t a bino with 25x 70 so I had to buy a 15x 70 when my bino come i will post a footage of if in action. I know now that my bino isn’t so good as yours but it is almost there I think so.

keith rice says:

I think with binoculars its hit and mis if you buy them on line . i think it best to go to your high street shop and try them out lookng down the street . as some binoculars look good on a photo on line . and they say they are say 10 x 30 zoom 70 sounds good looks good but when you get them in the post they are not that shap . and i have had a look at 10 to 20 zoom . and was not as good and as shap as a 10 50 .

LetMeDrone says:

Yes I agree with the fact that you should never judge a pair of binoculars by the photos through its lens as every camera is different anyway.
Just go for a make with a good reputation (in this case Celestron) and pick whatever magnification and diameter you require 🙂


Right, well done, I’m talking to you about the quality of this bino and I am talking to you and another ones, too. I’m studying about binoculars and I have learned that the exit eyes to astronomy must be equal to 5 or higher, but you and some else have told me more you are able to observe planets, stars and nebular with no problem. So this week I’m ordering of my bino 25x 70. I wish you make a video filming, for example, the moon just to have an idea the image of it in binocular. Thanks petit

kanopus06 says:

I have a 10×50 Olympus binoculars, and I can see the 4 moons of Jupiter as small points. Maybe those Celestron don’t have very good optics and don’t produce images sharp enough to see them.

LetMeDrone says:

Well these bioculars are very good to view stars not visible with the naked eye, if you hold them steady they wont shake but they’re slightly heavy so you’ll need to put them down after holding them for about a minute. You could use a tripod, check out my video of the Konig tripod which is fairly good (not the best definitely not, but it does the job.) These binoculars have a hidden screw on them to attach to the triopd (watch my review/unboxing of these too, it might help.) Hope that helps. 🙂


thanks petit ok I’m not sure as to exit eyes,because 70 divided by 25 is 2.5 I think the image is a little dark if it compared to 15x 70, what do you say? because the open of human eyes is 7.0 looking in the night, so one of 15x 70 we have 70 : 15 = 4,7 therefore in this case, the image sounds brighter ok

bestamerica says:

just wonder that digitalcamera cannot fit this binocular…
where can i find the adapter for digitalcamera to binocular…
full zoom is a not clear focus…
it is still little blur blur

huskvarsm says:

all you guys i just got mine from maplins for £59 today and wow they are powerful and well worth £59.

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