Five Best Laser Rangefinding Binoculars

ScoutLook Editor Josh Dahlke reviews the five best rangefinding binoculars for hunters. Before you spend $1,000-$3,000 on these sophisticated optics, you’ll want to see this. Included in this review are the Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC, Leica HD-B 42, Steiner Nighthunter LRF, Swarovski EL Range, and Zeiss Victory RF.

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Richard W says:

Excellent review! Thanks bro

243jimb says:

The custom ballistic programmable SD card feature does not work on the HDB as suggested for a custom load. If your zero distance is not one of the pre set distances 100, 200 or 300 yards, it will NEVER show the correct data. I know this to my cost. Buy Swarovski, it’s better glass. I contact Leica, they don’t care

John Schmidt says:

We want to be able to hear and concentrate on what you have to say. So, pleeeeeeeze turn off the background music, if that’s what you call it. It adds nothing of value to your video, it is not cool, and it is nothing but a bunch of annoying noise.

Cheryl Rider says:

“Zeiss Victory 10×45 T* RF Rangefinding Binoculars – Matte Black Finish 52 45 18 w/ Free Shipping and Handling Get it here!

greg01930 says:

Thanks for the info- quick question: are the lasers visible on the target?

Ryan Bell says:

Please no colour changing or music, its distracting. Also add your own detailed personal opinion. Otherwise good video

Mo Pieces says:

Thanks for showing this. By any chance did you or will you be able to do one on just the laser range finders? I already own a Swarovski 10×42 bino and am looking to get good long distance quality out of just the range finder. Peace, Reese

stealth Andy says:

wow…… thats alot of money . very cool kit thanks for sharing an ya time . ATB too you an ya family

Sadra Rezai says:

فقط زاواروسکی

Ranger42 says:

Excellent review.

220volt-u says:


Mark Scull says:

Good presentation, my thanks.

Pink Dragon says:

Who’s the band playing the music in the background?

George Valencia says:

Do you have a binocular that cooks, can range find the insides of a elephants ass. Or even one that can see a hunter at 3 miles away so you can shoot the mother in the ass. For under 6 thousand ? If anyone pays that mush for any range finding binoculars, your fucked up in the head. USA the greediest fucking country in the whole world, believe it.

Chris Hansen says:

Excellent review! You focused on the features that know one ever focuses on answering the questions that never get answered.

danny boncey says:

Yeah I learned a lot, but mostly choosing between the Rolls Royce’s to the Bugatti’s of the L.R. binoc.’s,…I mean the least one was @ $ 1,000.00 U.S. And not to say I’m broke or cheap but you could have also gone over some of the more realistic and affordable level valued models of Range finder binoc.’s and not just limited to Laser as well. Hardly anyone ever actually buys binoc.’s over even $500.00 on a high average at best much less Germany or Russia’s very highest grade optic’s companies on the entire planet that $ can buy lol!! The only company you left out that is actually the Bugatti class itself of German optic companies compared to Leica, Zeiss, Steiner, or Russian Swarovski was,…Leupold! Which I figure that you figured would only cater to millionaires or billionaires only; so there’s always that I guess huh? You could have also in doing a proper model by model comparison would have been to show an actual display of the binoc. in action itself in the field via a simple thing called a smart phone’s 1080 p video camera (that 98.9% of all Smart phones are equipped with today) held up to the model in question’s left or right eye piece’s pupil and show us each one’s capabilities visually and literally. You know that truly wouldn’t have been very hard at all and cost almost all of nothing to do. 🙁 Also, next video plz for Christ’s sake loose the wanna be cheap attempt at being edgy and cool with the amateur hour graphics and piss poor taste in low level video editing antics!! So bad I almost didn’t finish it or wanted to…

dlayz says:

ELs, then rF’s then Leica’s

Jacob Mills says:

why did you leave out the Luna optics and Rudolph optics models ? .They are priced lower then those 5 models and offer the same if not better features .

JPitman93 says:

Hi, Although the Steiners only have 30mm lenses so the light gathering will not be as good as ones with 40+ lenses do they still work well in fading light?

Craig Blackmer says:

The Bushnell were in my budget range, but the glass is dark and has a blue tinge. I decided to save up and buy a better quality product, I don’t have a problem with Bushnell scopes and their binoculars are ok, but these are blueish. Scorpion just came out with one, high end with Nikon glass.

The Duke of California says:

Bad ass eyes

PhotoBobBarker says:

I do have to wonder what they think the use of a Rangefinder with ballistic compensation to 1500+yds is when you can only pick for 6-12 options? At that range, there is not really anything that can be “close enough”.

adamsmithwastheman says:

Thanks for the effort, However, know this…The music was very distracting and the color changes were not “Cool” and did just the opposite of whoever told you they would help. So, can the irritating background noise and the weird screen changes and you would have a decent review.

limplin7 says:

I just clicked “like”. Very good explanation video!
I just do not like that end…when you said that you “guarantee” …I mean everyone here in USA “guarantee” something …such a hypocrisy!
Most useful video about range finders anyway! 🙂

rsaathoff says:

Thanks. I learned a lot regarding range finder binos. Mostly that I cannot afford them.

Steven Cheng says:

What about the Nikon laserforce?

Kris Krajewski says:

What the fucking pronunciation of Zeiss , you American dumb fuck ? The same with BMW – its not Be – Em – dabliu , you American assholes !! It is Bee – Emm – Vee !!!

keithmckeith says:

Has this Swarovski just been superseded?

Wilde Beest says:

You did a good job. The music is a big negative!

helthuismartin says:

The Zeiss Victory FL is the clear winner.Theres no discusion aboud that.

davelandefeld says:

It’s the SECOND LRF bino from Steiner. They’ve been using the 10X50 for artillery ranging for a few years.

David Sanders says:

Lucky me,Cabelas had a sale on the Swarovski 8×42 for $2200 and I had $1000 in points. I was able to justify buying them after looking through all the lenses he mentioned. There was no comparison on clarity, the Swarovskis are in a league of their own. I enjoy looking at birds…never thought I would. I am so happy I got them.

M Dac says:

You did a really nice job on that review.  Learned a LOT!.   I bought a pair of those Swarvo EL 10x42s right before the range finders came out.  Major bummer.


Great video, thank you.

Cumulus Humilis says:

leica as always overpriced shit

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