“How to Choose the Best Binocular for You” with Ron Spomer

Renowned writer, wildlife photographer, hunter, and naturalist Ron Spomer shares his extensive experience and knowledge about binoculars and how to choose the right power and size. A must for anyone who spends time in the outdoors as a hiker, birder, or hunter. Before you spend money on a new binocular, watch this video.

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Sylwia Wendecka says:

Great video.
I need binocular for trip with my boys (6 and 9 yr). I want also watch the sky in the night. I have dilemma which model and magnification will be better?
Bushnell NatureView 8×42/10×42 porro or roof?

Detective667 says:

I’ll get a Pentax PCF 8×30 soon! 🙂

Oscar Crespo says:

what binocular is good to use in the darkness? Thanks

Jesus Christ says:

Sir your Texas Accent is great

Bina Valakuzhy says:

clear and concise review.Thank you for sharing your expertise.

VicariousReality7 says:

Big binoculars are surprisingly good toys

mughram says:

Very good tips thanks

LutairaNo1 says:

You Genius

SP95 ntR says:

I have observed that even small size binocular works even perfectly just like bigger one so why buy big one which is difficult to carry . I have one with 12×30 which works fine and can come in pocket.

The Oscar Report says:

Now this is a good solid binocular video. I can attest that if your new to binoculars this gentleman is right about the shaking at higher than 10x. Personally, i find 10x too much shaking. I much, much, much prefer 8x for wildlife/birding and 7x for astronomy (getting a nice wide field of view of the stars in terrific). No need for tripod at 7x or 8x also.

Robin Mcewen says:

thanks Ron – very useful

Alpen Optics says:

Great site Ron…full of clear understandable information and your cute face!

Aurelie Nani says:

I like 10×50 handheld. The price of a good porro design 10×50 is like $150, to get the same quality in porro, it costs like $1000. People say the price difference is getting smaller, it’s not. It’s only for the small roof like 8×24 that roof is affordable.

Shaleen Dalal says:

Great video! Ron, could you please do a video on roof prism bins vs porro prism bins?

Leo DuBois says:

… Excellent and informative video. Thank You.

bahrm4 says:

Best brief guide I’ve yet seen on choosing binoculars

Tv1Apple says:

My name is Andrew Ryan…

fahim boss says:

what 20-120X100, 20-280X100, 30X -380 x 300 this numbers mean??

Grzegorz Nonszalancki says:

What’s that coming out of your mouth at 2:15 ?

Space Fantasy! says:

Is 6 x 25 good in daylight?

ΛŁΞϾ Ð. says:

Sorry if this is a silly question but what does the 42 mean in 10×42. Thx

Garry Kusch says:

Do they have variable power binoculars like they do rifle scopes?

Gerald Velasco says:

Extremely well-spoken !!! Rare quality YOUTUBE video. Keep em comin Mr Spomer.

Gerry from San Diego, CA

Esther Stone says:

What would you get for horseracing?

Cashburner says:

nice setup

Jinnah Sirker says:

Thanks! Excelent advice!!

Shazad Akhtar says:

i have a celestron 25-125×80 my fist ones ever

Robert Heron says:

Excellent video. Clear and concise. Thank you.

jarno timmermans says:

porro is better than roof if the price is the same. roofprism has 15% lower light than porro, so for a roof to be as good as a porro you have to have superior coating which costs a lot. Also porro has a wider view with the same diameter.

Mark Love says:

Thank you best video on the subject I’ve watched…

Diyor Nigmatov says:

Everything is simple. Thanks.

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