We got a sneak peak at the new Vortex “Fury”Rangefinder Binocular combo while we were at shot show this year. Can’t wait to get our hands on these this fall.

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Kerr Outdoors says:

Nice, better gear better hunt

Master The Hunt says:

I need me some of these! Love our vortex glass

vexraill says:

cool concept, but way out of my price range.

The Lineman football says:

I will maybe get 1

TOM M says:

Needed are STABILIZED Range finding binoculars for under $1000…with night vision thermal imaging… Oh what Dear, Golly, I must have been dreaming…of course sweets about you.

renthal971 says:

When are they going to make “Range finding Spotting Binos Scopes”?

colton eccles says:

Will you guys be at the iowa deer classic

James Mata says:

Just about how to take out a mortgage on your house just to buy those I’ll stick with my Walmart Optics to be honest it’s not about fancy things when you go hunting it’s all about luck

trpshooter says:

now $1199 at cabelas, should be below 1k by October

Ben Smith says:


Duckhead Homestead says:

Vortex makes some good stuff but for the average hunter some of there things are just too expensive. I bought a pair of Vortex Diamondback binos, I love them. They are not the fancy HD kind. We hunt with the none “fancy” binos and scopes but we are still getting animals on the ground. You don’t have to buy top of the line to be a successful hunter, just saying.

ElPasoTom says:

Nice product, but I just bought the Vortex Diamondback 10×42 and a Nikon rangefinder for ~$642, so it would be hard to justify double the price, unless street price is much lower than MSRP.

Brent Murdoch says:

Edit your title boys, “rangerfinDer”
Ive got your back

91maluguy says:

$1500……….LMAO! are they freakin drunk?? This shit costs more than the actual bow you’re hunting with haha

chris urbancic says:

For that money buy a new bow and just get a monocular and camo tape and tape the range finder and monocular together for no more than $80 more than your finder it works I just tried lmao

Twinnable says:

They better do more then find the range!!

Steve Bennett says:

Uhhhhhhhh what if you are a lefty?

Blake K says:

this guy made the sales pitch of his life right there

Matt Hill says:

What does the glass quality compare to? Razor? Viper? Sounds like a lot of millennials have been cut off from $. Stick to your Tasco or get a second job if you love the outdoors like you claim you do!

8 Oaks Outdoors says:


EZ Breazy says:

Thanks for the update. Vortex products are great but this may be more attractive if they had gone for a Razor HD quality optic at that price point. They aren’t far off from used Swaro Bino/Ranger at that price.

Joey Frank says:

HushCrew, this doesn’t have much to do with your video, but I’m looking to s

azhunter400 says:

I believe he’s wrong on the $1500. I’ve seen it on 3 websites for $1200. Do a Google search.


What happen to your kids

canyonero1000 says:

just glassin

Daniel McCaskill says:

so awesome. id like to own it but way to high. keep up the videos i never bow hunted or shot a compound bow an i shoot left handed. i want to try bow hunting this season any tips for a food beginner bow????

nickanto says:

For those bitching about the price. A quality range finder is 4-500. And quality Binos are around a grand. So if these sell for around 1200$ and have similar glass to their razor line, it’ll be a good value.

Assains leader says:

I hunt and I love it my biggest whitetail is a huge 9 point

BassManBobBassCovers says:

I really need a pair of those. This really hot chick just moved in across the street.

Joey Frank says:

Oops sorry I’m looking to start my own business in the hunting/outdoor industry later in life. What steps can and should I take now in order to have a good shot at accomplishing that goal?

Dodge man says:

I bought the sig kilo 2000 at the end of the season and I honestly wish I would have waited the sig is awesome but I’d rather have 2 in 1

Eight Point Construction says:

do they come left handed also?

Ben Smith says:

$1500 really really that’s crazy ! you have to be a pade hunter to afford them

Gehrig Tucker says:

Tell that guy to relaaaaaaax


that’s alotta scratch man

Nick Pavlukov says:

might work for rifle hunters, you’re not going to pull out your binoculars 10x to range trees for bow range lol

Ben Smith says:

plz share maybe vortex will hear us

Glocknade says:

$1500 yeah… no thanks

209chevymon says:

Yaaaaaa no to expensive

Eric haskell says:

Pardon me but I struggle with “seeing” the difference between a $500 scope and a $1500 scope. If I was sponsored, heck yea, I would see it but saving up and buying it out of my own pocket, now I’m struggling again.

Tyler Goudeau says:

That guy was nervous

8 Oaks Outdoors says:

Those binos look sweet

Connor Christian says:


Reel-Lentless says:

Vortex hits another one over the fence!   The cost/value is spot on for what your getting.   Vortex is not the best available  in my experience but definitely the best value in optics.  No…not a Leica or Swarovski…but 30% of the cost.  Viper HD is the minimum glass quality I would use, and with an above quality range finder for a real world $11-1200 is a great value.   Well done Vortex.

Hun10 fool says:

They should make the button for left handed people as well.

Working Class Outdoors says:

awesome product!! but too pricey for me!!

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