Night Hero Review: Night Vision Binoculars? *As Seen on TV*

Night Hero is an As Seen on TV pair of 10x binoculars with a “night vision” feature. Today I put it to the test.

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Music by Epidemic Sound
“Vision” by Chi Vaughn


vagabond88817 says:

I will buy these bino’s and sue the sh@#t out of them.

Janethan Ricanibante says:


Lord Demonoss says:

Dude! Has anyone ever mistaken you for the singer of judas priest?

shayan tavakoli says:

I am hoping u try ninja foodi. Very soon

archersfriend says:

Thanks, you saved me a few bucks trying something I did not think would work.

milkman man says:

Hey I mean james

William Mills says:

I always thought those things were toys for kids.

witchlover93 says:

When you were crossing out the words in the box, you could’ve also just crossed out “Amazing N” and “Vision” so it would say “ight Binoculars” :p

Lyrick says:

What a ripoff. Better call Saul

milkman man says:

Take the N out of Night and they’ll be ight binos

Route 66 Flyer says:

That’s not even a green laser, it’s just a green light. LOL

Sam SSam says:

Thank you. U just saved me 40$. Standing in Walmart store. Lol

Kevin Benoit says:

Looking like Rob Halford in this video! Haha

Big Racer says:

doesnt seem to be a laser ,its a cheap diode thats about 3 cents to make.

victory Leo says:

Will you be doing a review on the new toenail clippers for dogs I seen it I’m the store but wonder if it’ll even worth to purchase for my mom’s dog

Jason Chenoweth says:

Great review. Thank you for your work!
I literally just saw these at the store today, and thought cool! Night vision on a budget, brilliant! But, I remembered your great reviews on other products that has saved me from my thrifty self, lol. So I waited to buy them till I came home and prayed that you checked them out, and my prayers were answered!!
Solid review. Thank you so much. Now I can put away my 40 bucks and use that to start saving for the real deal.

Zeeshan Rafique says:

You should make a Walter white impression and a whole video review being Heisenberg

Julian Leon says:

yay another item to spy on your neighbors

xxjusxstarxx says:

Hey man, love your videos, but please be careful showing but landmarks from your back yard just cause it would be easy to pinpoint your house, I don’t want you to have creeps show up at your house

Jay H says:

So a $1 flashlight would make it work better for “night vision”.

alexstrifee11 says:

Pretty sure they made a kids toy just like this in the 90s.

Austin Christmas says:

I would say just burn them because nerf made a better thing for a toy vs a thing that you would supposedly use in a real life application. That is a new low for as seen on tv products. 0% function 100% gimmick


I hope you go to comicons dressed as Walter White.

Bill Gentry says:

It’s a 40.0 night vision alright!!

SeeingEyeCrow says:

I think your binoculars are broken. I tried this product out a few weeks back and the laser was a perfect green circle. It worked, but not well. I could see things inside the house and cars and things in the yard but nothing too far. I thought they’d be decent enough for a kid to play with at Christmas, but I returned them thinking they would be dropped and the laser would end up looking like yours did.

llanorick says:

So, it’s a pair of binoculars, with a cat toy, for $40.

danholmesfilm says:


Steven Booth says:

Magnification isn’t everything with binoculars. Light loss, definition, colour abnegation all have to be taken into consideration and $40 binoculars are NOT going to meet any reasonable criteria for quality.


Good range target for a destroy this thing video…make it fun, aim for the “night vision” button.

zombiesir says:

A+ for effort, I would of given up on them after 5 minutes.

jackawackamoo says:

My phone zooms in better!

rsextreme477 says:

dude you could sell a shirt that says, its a bad green lazer! hahaha

Joshua Uriarte says:

Hello from the Sunrise area of Las Vegas. Good info for non locals. If you visit Vegas and get lost at night look for the Stratosphere. I’m happy to see a Vegas YouTuber making some vids. Great ones by the way.

Curiosity says:

Save your money; if you really need a serious set of Binoculars it going to set you back money wise and I”m not sure i would be looking for night vision; if so cost much more. This unit is a Zero.

51 50 Cuz I used to says:

Night Zero

SCREW__ HEAD__281 says:

Yo! Mr. White!


Yeah that green laser makes for a great target.

Steven Booth says:

Even as plain binoculars I wouldn’t touch them at $40. You cannot produce quality lenses for that money. No way would you get anything regarded as reasonable night vision for less than £200. These things are quite simply a scam.

Maricela Jimenez says:

hi can you please review circulon pans.

NIc K says:

The quickest way to determine almost perfectly if a product is good or bad before buying is if the batteries are included. This is a truth of life.

Scot Metcalf says:

Ha Haa I think they call it aPOS night vision. Can you imagine all the suckers (yes I’ve Been known to be one) that made a purchase because they don’t understand how Night vision works? Great video first time checking you out. Happy turkey day everyone

DeathWish808 says:

So, basically… a functional paperweight.

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