OTW 10×50 Binocular review

This is the official doobly do. Here is a link to the item of interest.


bcbloc02 says:

Apparently they don’t mind you in the park but they for sure don’t want anybody parking in that parking lot!! You should know how it is if there is any empty parking lot at night some low life trucker is going to pull in there and try to catch a nap before making their deliveries the next day and no one wants trucks around!!! While my sarcasm is heavy this is the way of the world. My only binoculars are a 1941 pair of Bausch and Lomb made for the Navy, they still work very well.

Wildman Tech says:

You know what might be a better way to interface to the binoculars is shooting through a cell phone camera.

weshowe says:

I know you missed Bubba today, he was up here in Huntsville. He got him his own set of binuclars and wanted to get ’em ready for Cinco de Mayo. Apparently, they were not waterproof, ’cause when he put ’em in the sink the first time the water ruint ’em. I suspect he’s mad at me and headed back yore way now.


How far can these binoculars see?

Douglas Thompson says:

Hello Harold, Those look an awful lot like Steiners. Which are a pretty good quality glass though not as good as Fujiis. The criteria I use is to find a black on white set of letters (name on a boat) from a good distance. Quality ones will let you read them while lesser ones will give a blurred image. I am speaking of distances of 1/2 mile or more. This quality is actually more important than the power. They will also give good image in twilight whereas the cheaper versions don’t. As you mentioned it is all about light gathering. The above name will become unreadable at a certain distance and that distance is dependent on how much light your lens can gather and the quality of the grind on the lens. Before image stabilized binoculars the rule was seven power was about the maximum you could hold steady enough to read detail. The compass is good for triangulating when navigating from known objects. I have no experience with gyro stabilized binoculars but have heard they work quite well and allow the use of even higher power. This all is of course a trade off between how much you need the precision of high quality glasses and the price you are willing to pay. While I was truly impressed with the 7×50 Fujiis many years ago I wouldn’t have used them because I would be afraid of damaging such an expensive pair (in the nineties they were close to a grand) so they would never have been handy while my cheap ones were always there. Nice subject. Take care. Doug

Nick J says:

I know binoculars can be very high dollar, but those look really good for the money. Thanks for the review. Question, would you buy them if you needed a pair ?

Bundy Bears Shed says:

I had no idea a pair of binoculars would have had so much going on.

Scott Tyndall's Home Shop says:

nice pair of binoculars…

ChrisB257 says:

Nice – they look like military tough.
Always hard to keep bino’s real steady – more so when combining with a camera. Results were quite fair though and later shots even with lower light worked well..Hope you don’t get too much severe weather.

Miguel Castaneda says:

looked fairly decent…mine always end being permantly borrowed

drawvenmusket says:

That is a good bit of kit both the binoculars and the testing rig
I think I’ll have to give those a real good look when I start to decide to part with my hard won dollars
Thanks for posting you very informative review video as well as all the others too

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