Steiner Tactical 10×42 R, Mil dot Reticle Binocular Review, Plus Steiner M22 7×50 Comparison

Updated my optics, went lighter on a pair of Steiner binoculars. review & demo of the Mill Dot reticle integrated within the binoculars and how I will use them.

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MrBreeze says:

Great timing. I’m looking at getting a pair of 7x50s, and upgrading my 10x42s. Steiners are  little out of my reach so I’m going to go with Nikon.

thelister4910 says:

It’s RETICLE, not RECTICLE. Thanks for the video. 

Ron Jerham Suarez Manangkil says:

are these waterproof?

etihWeisoJ says:

Good review.  Good information.  Thank you.

jublywubly says:

Thanks for another great video.
I’ve been checking out a bunch of binocular types, too. It took a bit of research to understand the way they’re labeled. It’s rather deceptive the way binoculars are referred to as being, for example, 7×32, when the true meaning 7x magification with 32mm front lenses.
Personally I think it’s deliberate deception to make the binoculars seem more powerful than they are, but the labelling must have come in before trade practices made it law to have clear product descriptions.(At least in my country.)

Erikka Moody says:

~Steiner 10×50 M50 LRF Military Binoculars w/ Laser Rangefinder & Tripod Mount 398 w/ Free Shipping

John Galt says:

Nice review.  For replacement or tighter fitting objective lens covers I use Butler Creek scope covers.  The range of sizes (diameter) available should provide a very snug fit. Of course you will need to buy 2.  Hope this helps.

flyingtigre1 says:

nice choice. thanks s

A55tech says:

Is he trying to say rec-ti-cle? Must be a rectangular reticle…

seahorsecowboys says:

another great review, thank you…..what is the rifle in the back ground ?

tanktopper says:

Where did you buy?

maddogpicker says:

Thanks for the review. I have a nikon prostaff 7s in 8X42 so all around use. I was thinking of adding something a little more compact. Not sure if the Steiner 7X50 meet that but I enjoyed the review. Do you have a compact mid-range pair?

John Nugent says:

There’s nothing unethical about selling gear.

Clois Knight says:

I have the Steiner Tactical 10×42 new I’m try sell it. Where can I sell this merchandise at

Francesco Anzano says:

wow this is really a great review, thank you.
BTW I have a M22 Tactical (with no laser coating); while it is a bit bulky I enjoy its light trasnmission and quality.
About Steiner I think their only issue is they have a bit too many models and is difficult to distinguish the good from the average one.
Totally agree that binoculars like the one you showed (Steiner high end series) are a super value for the price, and that the various Swarosky, Leica, Zeiss are really too  expensive for the difference in quality they bring.
As a sake of note few years ago got also a small and lighweight Leica 10×20; to be fair the lenses are really good but overall was not very happy as it is a bit “toyish” if you understand what I mean (sorry for my english). But perhaps that sensation is just because is a very small binocular and if I had to judge a high series Leica I should get a properly sized oine.
However the toy costed 800 USD and is a shame.
thanks again, very nice video!

adolfhilter says:

How much eye relief does it have?

Albert Archer says:

U talk alot…no wonder it’s a 21min. review. I watched up to the 4 minute mark and it felt like 4 years of my life went by…I couldn’t bare the pain anymore so I wanted to watch something more interesting and exciting so I walked over to might wall and watched the paint dry.

Jared Maxwell says:

Keep those old guys out of the sun, the reticle will skew

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