Understanding Binoculars: Magnification

Here we take a look at a binocular’s magnification. What does it mean and how does it effect the user’s experience. If you’re wondering what size binocular is right for you, you’ve come to the right place!


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Ken Deeks says:

Thank you. Very well explained and very helpfull.

Robert Whitaker says:

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation.

Conan Link says:

Thank you. I knew absolutely nothing about binoculars. This video was very helpful in understanding my buying options.


From the naked eye view, how far are you from the camera,pls? thanks!

Ian Dropsyface says:

what binoculars are good for looking at the sun

Jo-E says:

are there any you could recommend that cam see a far distance like 1 mile?

michael emeka Okonkwo says:

what do you recommend for night view

Enam Game says:

cool binocular I want to get one

fjzar says:

very helpful!!

sam_ playz says:


Bill Craig says:

Thanks for the introduction. I have a set of Sminiker 30×60’s, but not with really good instructions on focusing. Got anything generic for right out of the box? BTW: Good looking couple of kids. After 7 years, hope you’re still working for Eagle.

Enam Game says:

cool binocular I want to get one

Squirrel says:

This video is full of errors, both in the spoken text and the false video demonstrations, which is both misleading and very disturbing for a binocular manufacturer. Firstly it states a 10x binocular makes the object 10x closer. It doesn’t. A 10x binocular makes an object 10x larger. Magnification works inversely-square to distance, so at 10x magnification an object will appear just over 3x closer, not 10x closer as they state (which a 100x binocular would do). 10x means the area you see is 10x bigger, not each linear dimension. Secondly the magnification examples they show are ridiculous. An 8x and 10x binocular are quite similar in magnification (25% bigger image), but in their video they make it appear like the lady becomes 50-100% larger.

coffeatt arabicaut says:

great vid- love the confidence and competence- very good! thank you!

Minecraftredstoner says:

Very entertaining, really educational. And also insightful. 😛

Shabbir Hussain says:

sir thanks for this video I want to buy Levenhuck Binoculars for birds watching please advice witch is the best for me money is no problem for me.

Manasi Soman says:

Thank you so much!! This helped me so much 🙂

MasterOf Everything says:

What does the prism type effect/ what is it

Daniela Pacheco says:

Good video

Beatriz Velásquez says:

so helpful! thanks!

Jeanette L says:

lol funny hiding in bushes are the kids with there phones an bns lol

serpico Flow says:

thank you very clear to understand
for all those who disliked this video I’ll say thzzzzzz

Enam Game says:

cool binocular I want to get one

Anastasya Shumil says:


Xsauce says:

can i modify my binocular magnification by using a smaller eyepiece like a 6mm instead of a 15 mm which is standard on my binocular?

Mon says:

Thanks!! Great video, easy to understand and very informative 🙂

Augusto Hernandez says:

Excellent video.

Mark II says:

So an object that appeared to have a diameter of 1mm would have a diameter of 8mm with 8x magnification?

John Gallacher says:

thank you so much! very informative. helped me understand perfectly!

j leon says:

Thank you very much this video help me to choose my first binoculars.

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