Zeiss Conquest HD 10×42 Binoculars Review and Comparison

Are the Zeiss Conquest HD 10×42 binoculars really all that? How do they stack up against a pair of Nikon Monarchs? Click to find out. Like on facebook: http://www.fb.com/jonathanstewartphotos and check out my photography website: http://www.jonathanstewartphotos.com


Forrest Milder says:

This was really a terrific video and evaluation.  I too am a photographer who wants a good pair of binoculars.  I was considering the Monarch 7s and the Conquests, and so you especially answered my questions (and thanks for the comparison video in the middle).  About midway through, I came up with the BMW analogy, and I got a kick out of you then saying the same thing.  As someone who drives a mid-priced BMW, and shoots with a Nikon 800 and top-of-the line lenses, I think you exactly captured my sense of price vs. quality!  Thanks again!

Moshe Cohen says:

very poor joke about the air disaster over Ukraine. shame about it.

Czar Zenana says:

I even prefer the Terra’s over the Monarchs-7.
And yes, I tested them side-by-side for a few days.
I just do not like the Monarchs-7, the image quality is not that great, especially the chromatic aberration, so I agree with Jonathan. And build quality of the Monarchs was also a bit disappointing.

Sherwood Larkin says:

One thing wasn’t completely clear to me was how long you have had the Nikons. The latest version of the Monarch 5’s have been upgraded to ED objectives. The coatings and phase correction have also been improved.

Mark JG says:

The Zeiss Conquest are fine , however a better binocular is the Kowa Genesis 8×33 and 10X33. Superb optics comparable to top of the line Leica and Swarovski , though  around $1,100 price . The Kowa Genesis are top of the line in build and optics and weigh less than your conquests . I own the Kowa Genesis 8×33 great all around binocular nice clear image even at dusk and cloudy days no fringing on mine very well controlled C.A. and no flare really nice binoculars. I also have the Leica Ultravid HD 10×42 they are really nice with the extra magnification and build and optical quality just amazing views a real pleasure to look through. The Leica Trinovid 10×42 model 40009  now discontinued is just excellent and better than the Zeiss conquests , you can find those online for as low as $899.00  I looked through them and they are comparable to the Leica Ultravids in view for much less cost. You just can not beat the top end binoculars in terms of quality and view, I too used cheaper binoculars but once you own a top end you will never go back to the cheap optics they just can not compare . Yes they cost a lot however once you pay them off you have them for life to enjoy viewing wildlife and landscapes .

BlackNoirPictures says:

Hey, dude, cool video, but it is Ukraine, and not “The” Ukraine. And it is not funny about “Buk”. Our country is being invaded by the Russian jerks who act like apes and shoot down everything they can with the weapons they get from Mordor (Russia). By the way there were 298 fatalities on that board… The joke is not funny. We do not joke about 9/11.

BlackHawkPSU says:

Have you ever tied Vanguard or Leupold binocs? If so what did you think of them? Thanks

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