Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Check out the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp at Backcountry Edge:

Bright, versatile, all-condition performance. Black Diamond Storm is a versatile headlamp that delivers both long-distance beam and close-proximity options for climbing, mountaineering, caving or backpacking.


Omamba Sport says:

really good.I love it.

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

Always helpful with Backcountry Edge…
Thanks for the video.

Sudipto Roy says:

This review is a little too back dated now. Do you have a review of the 2017 version please? The one with 350 lumens? It has several other features and the operations are a little different. It will be a great help. Thanks in advance.

Danny says:

Is this a waterproof headlamp?  Need on for WA area.

Miguel Angel says:

What would be the best for camping storm or revolt???

Alannah Rogers says:

Would this product be ok for running at night?

Thomas Katayama says:

Thanks for the detailed explanation.  I tried to figure it out on my own without reading the instructions, which led me to this video.  :-)

Randy Chadwick says:

I have this lamp and it got me out of the woods after midnight in the rain when I needed to unexpectedly get back home.  Excellent lamp.

Stew Stryker says:

Very good explanation of all the features.  I have the REvolt, which has the same features.

Justin Trumpelmann says:

What a fantastic review!

Thegoldenratio says:

You can also use the quick tap on the side to adjust brightness on the fly, missed that one

Tinyl1 says:

Nice review! Just ordered one for camping. I did notice on another video you can use the strap adjustment clasp to tighten and loosen the screw on the battery compartment also…

Marshall.R.Allen says:

By the way you can use the plastic piece on the headband as a screw driver to open the headlamp! Thought that might be easier then using your finger nail haha. 

Charis Charalambous says:

Great presentation here , Love the sound and clarity of your voice :)
I was b2in the revolt – storm – icon .. but after watching I am about to get the icon due to the longer battery , and higher light output , despite the weight.
Thank you again for a very nice presentation !

Tyrone Walker says:

Can this unit handle Energizer Lithium AAA cells?

Vincent Ross says:

nice to the point video. there was not a two minute intro video then 3 minutes of you telling us what you were going to show us, just show us!! Good Job!

Bryan Coombes says:

yeah, good video, instruction sucked. Thanks for showing how to!

Douglas Leonhardt says:

You left out the brightness adjusting feature. One of the lamps better features!!! Tap the side and you switch between brightest setting to preset level and back.

FirearmsArmory says:

Love the dimmer feature. I don’t like to use full light in the early to the wee hours of the morning a tent. Thanks for the review. Been enjoying your videos lately as I have just discovered the channel. 

One Police Officer's Perspective says:

Thank you for a very thorough review. I subscribed to your channel. Thanks again.

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