Best Dog Accessory? 25 Carabiner Life Hacks for Your Dog

Is a carabiner the most versatile dog accessory NOT sold in a pet store? Here are 25 life hacks for your dog! **** Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyer’s Guide here:



I like locking carabiners because they prevent the gate from coming open. Not only does an open gate mean things will slip out, but it also compromises the strength of the unit.

Petzl Locking Carabiners

Black Diamond Locking Carabiners

Metolius Locking Carabiners

For some small things, the Nite Ize S-Biners are decent ones to use. Check those out:

Hey you don’t need to know a million knots (and believe me there are TON out there to learn), but knowing about five or so is a tremendous life skill that you can use all of the time. I know I do!

The two used in this video are the Bowline, and the Figure Eight.

You can learn those (and any others you like) at Animated Knots

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Lifepul Seat Cover

Petzl Locking Carabiner

Rok Strap Leash

Kong Quick Control Traffic Handle Leash

Kurgo Kibble Carrier

Collapsible Silicone Bowl

Travel Water Bottle


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About this video:
In this video, Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training gives you 25 practical life hack tips to use a carabiner as a super versatile, multitasking monster. Let us know what other creative uses you come up with!


Megan Ainsworth says:

I work in a kennel and every kennel gate is clipped with a carabiner so even when we unlock gates in the morning dogs can’t open them. Most don’t even know how but I swear some of these dogs are so smart! A lot of these hacks also work with a coupler, when I take a dog out to hands free training I clip them to a coupler and then my belt, not only is it a great hands free option, but if I need to tie them to something the loop in the middle makes it really fast and easy. I also use carabiners to clip large water buckets to the inside of fences slightly above the ground so dogs can’t spill them.

Youtube Passerby says:

I need this but I don’t need it. I just want to look like a fancy dog owner that has all these stuff and looks prepared lol. There’s also a nice looking knotted leash that I want, but I don’t need it since I have 2 leashes already. And having more would be nice to display lol, even though I have only one pup

Amanda Sass says:

My puppy escaped from his crate for the first and last time – typical Pet Smart basic wire crate. After dealing with chewed up cork and GLASS, and a fully destroyed house, I promptly ran to the hardware store and picked up a carabiner to simply secure the latch so he can’t paw it and flip it up and do it again. Wish I had thought of this sooner!

Midwestwhet Whet says:

What is this song? Digging it

Christine Tulipana says:

I use a carabiner for hands free walking by hooking the leash to my belt loop. I usually have one dog on both sides of me, at the same time. My dogs are trained to heel, and since my hands are free, when I need to, I can give either one of them a correction and keep on walking.

Aquamarine says:

I use a carabiner to make a run for my dog when camping. Tie a rope between two trees and clip the dogs leash with a carabiner on to the line. The dog has a free run between the trees. The carabiner slides really well over nylon rope. Make sure the line is low enough for the dog to be able to lay down. Also, you can clip more than one dog th the line.

chico miranda says:

Gracias por toda la informacion compartida. Thanks for all the info you share.

Anita Trapp says:

Hiya there; am a brand new subscriber – planning to get a puppy for the first time in my life and want to be as prepared as i can possibly be… Thank you! You’re smart, articulate, intelligent and obviously educated – all things increasingly hard to come by in this day and age.
Thank you for taking the time out of your life to share it with all of us out there!

Sendija Valcina says:

I use my with my husky Loky body harness, one in bot side, 2 long leashes, snow gear and snow. To better control him, and learn which side is which.


This channel is simply amazing! It is clear that you hold great knowledge and knows how to explain and communicate your ideas in such a easy way. I wish you all the best! You for sure deserve one million subscribers!

Sandra Sedivy says:

I have many carabiners that probably don’t meet these safety and effectiveness standards. Time to start sorting through them. 🙂

Darian M. says:

Awesome video! thank you so much! Definitely two thumbs up!

Raul Echezuria says:

Hi I have like two days watching all your videos, your channel is amazing! IDK if you have one, but if you dont, can you make a Videos with all the usefull knots you always make, and how to make them, and perhaps the moment or case to use them..?.. thanks so much, I’ve learned a lot! sorry for my bad english!

James Beitman says:

Some of my dog’s harnesses have 2 D-rings where the leash attaches. I use a carabiner to attach the 2 together, then to the leash.

redxraccoon says:

Not sure about this video… suggestion 1-15 ‘clip your dog to stuff’, suggestion 16-20 ‘clip you dog to other dogs’, suggestion 21-25 ‘clip you stuff to other stuff’. There has to be other uses.

Greyandgreenfeathers says:

carabiners that don”t have a locking gate have been dangerous in the past for me. I had always kept a small lightweight one on the dogs collar to hang doody bags from on walks or attach a small dog leash too… until the day my dog managed to get a leg up near the d-ring on the harness (don’t ask me how, I was turned looking the other way… presumably from pulling on it while her leg was over it) and clip their leg to their collar! NOT good. She had the thing clipped through the thin web of skin above the ankle (between her tibia and her achilles). And stretched her leg so tight, I don’t even know how I got it off. no more carabiners at all for me, at least not unless they lock shut

Odin's Daughter says:

I use a carabiner to attach the leash to my belt loop. Hands free dog walking. 🙂

louis dangelo says:

Cool channel dude…. I like!

Omar I says:

Ahhh looking at the usage of this. It seems like complete waste of money. All of these things can be done by just using leash to tie around things. seems bulky and waste of money.

Ana Larson says:

I love them, I often take them from my dh climibing stash, The open gates from the hardware are good when you are training a service dog on waist belts to connect various leashes to their harness. I use a double so I can quickly shorten or lengthen them as needed. FYI never carabiner a jumpy dog inside a car they will wrap themselves to a point of harm, for our wild puppies we used car dividers designed for that in a small area like a bakity-back of a car, not a trunk-lol, we then stash pillows if needed to keep it more cushioned. We will carabiner if we are seated with the dog to prevent such issues of spinning especially young ones. I love all of your leash tips, they are great. Can you go over the various vehicles and the best ways to transport dogs safely? Also carabiner the crate in the car from shifting when you do that.Good stuff.

Tenley Turrell says:

I love your bulldog!!!!

Pantheist Pinching Pennies says:

I use a quickdraw as a car restraint for my little guy. God forbid if we ever get into an accident, I want to be certain his restraint is going to hold. Quickdraws are designed to catch and hold firm even when a 200 lb. lead climber has fallen from the wall. Most quickdraws don’t have locking biners, but you can use attach two locking biners to a dogbone sling and then–perfection–room to move, but always safety in an emergency. I’m certain his harness (while very sturdy) would give out long before the quickdraw. Love those carabiners. Great advice!

Jill Benns says:

When we first brought our puppy home we used/use ours to attach to the dogs leash and then to my belt loop. It really helped with controlling his environment, leash training and made it easier to watch for clues during potty training.

Patty Smith says:

How about configuring a leash to be a no-pull leash, where it will cinch under the tummy when the dog pulls? Attach the leash at the collar and the carabeener at mid back with lead going around the tummy and back up through the carabeener to you. It’s an idea, I haven’t personally done this yet.

Aedony says:

Got one of those climbing ones from an outdoor store lately and the guy there showed me a really cool knot to create a non-permanent handle onto my 22 foot long leash in combination with the carabiner. The hassle with that long leash leash was, that if there is a traffic situation or something where I would need to have her close (standard leash length) I could just hold the leash on my bare hands …. which, without a handle and a 57 pound dog is really rough on the hands, especially when she just refuses to walk loose on a leash…… So, I have no idea what the knot is called. I think it’s a bowline and then you use the carabiner as handle. And if you’re back in the woods you just open the carabiner to detach, put ot in your pocket or on your belt and you can continue hiking – without carrying a 2nd leash 😀

marie boschman says:

I use mine to make a hands free leash to walk my dog. Hes one hundred and thirty pounds.

Pixie Rainbow says:

Strange hack video

Digroot says:

I have a 3 1/2” that I use as a sliding handle on my double leash while I hold the other front lead side in my other hand. It’s lightweight and has a foam grip which makes it comfortable to hold. It is not a locking clip tho. But I’ve had to put it to the test a few times and it is surprisingly strong

PoodleParti says:

I use a carabiner to hook play toys to the fence of a playpen to keep them from being dragged thru the potty area.

Viz Ng says:

Wow ! This is really helpful. Thank you so so much. I wish i could see this video earlier

Slippschitts Hey says:

I like the last one you can attach the leash to the rear of the car and then drive slowly while your dog runs behind.

Karina O. says:

I just have a small rat terrier but my best friend uses one to keep her sneaky black lab from escaping his crate by adding an extra restraint to it! Seriously all so great

Kae Collins says:

I used mine to create a half-leash for my Guide Dog in Training. When we’re outside and working on getting her to stay closer of her accord, or when her jacket is off, she gets the full lead, but when we’re in traffic or in a store I clip the carabiner to the catch and I know with certainty how close she is

Edit: also going to be buying the correct kind from now on – I’ve been using flimsy ones which explain why they’ve been so bad to handle (and why my keys keep coming apart)

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