Carabiner Testing

Testing done on Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiners on June 12th, 2013.
Purpose: Find Factor of Safety that is included in published strength ratings.

Music: J.Lang – Drops of H2O (The Filtered Water Treatment) (Ft. Airtone)


Jonny Deth says:

Any chance you could throw some popular cheapo carabiners on there?

Obviously nobody intelligent and sensible will climb with them but it would be great to know if I can strap a couple $1 carabiners to an exercise bar and use it for pull ups or for pull downs with 100lbs on the rack. 

I bought some claimed tested to 165lbs no problem, used them for floor assisted pull ups, no problem but trust them?
Not really! lol

Miguel Diaz says:

Nice dude! This came up as a suggestion when I was looking at new gear videos

Ante Bučević says:


Shadow Hamster says:

Thumbs down for not using SI units.

wheelitzr2 says:

anybody that would use these for anything other than holding keys would be insane! spend the money and get good ones your life is on the line! literally!


930 kg

Thomas says:

jeez nearly 9 kn open….

Lessandro Ferrari says:

Great video.
Tell me one thing, why not use a setting in the middle of the carabiner on top.
I believe that the result would be very different.
I say this because the point of support when in use is in the middle, not the corners.

Or this would be the pattern test, (certification test)?
I saw in others tests, they used the same fixacion point that you used.


mike cone says:

Nice Video, this convinced me to purchase a few.

Brent Woods says:

This is cool.  I’ve always wanted to see the actual test.  Ratings on carabiners are usually the three-sigma value.  That is, the value printed is three standard deviations below the average breaking strength.

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