EDC Key Retention Fobs “10 Ways to Never Lose Keys Again” Maxpedition, Leatherman & More

Tired of losing your keys? So was I! I examine both big and small options of various designs and styles to keep your keys retained on your belt or belt loop. Key retention is an often-neglected aspect of EDC and there are a lot of option out there. What do you do for key fobs? Do any of these stand out to you?

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Items Covered:

– Leatherman Carabiner Cap Lifter Sidekick
– Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw Carabiners Set
– The Friendly Swede Bundle of 2 Premium 350 lb Paracord Keychains/Key Rings with Carabiners
– Nite Ize KIC-11-R3 Infini-Key, Stainless
– Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh Carabiner/Bottle Opener
– Maxpedition Gear Keyper Pouch
– Vigilant Gear Aircraft Cable EDC Wire Cable Key Ring (2 Pack)
– Corter Leather & Cloth Pewter Bottlehook Fob and Bottle Opener
– Lindock Key Fob (Leather & Canvas)


aresonance says:

You good sir, have made the decision to get a key hook easier. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

Russell S says:

The extra piece of velcro on the Maxpedition is for if you use it on a belt that has a hook side liner on the inside of it.  This is very common for duty belts etc.  It keeps it from sliding around on a compatible belt.

1973Grejluder says:

Search for : ball+bearing+Swivels+SKU120484
With these your keys will never be tangled.I’m only using swivels with solid rings.And if you want the keys to ride low(pocket) then find som thin wire used also for fishing .Crimp it with the length you want.

David hadrich says:

The Velcro on the inside is for Velcro police belts so the key chain doesn’t slide anywhere

Monkeybusiness says:

The Maxpedition Keyper’s Velcro matches up with some rigger’s belts that have the “fuzzy velcro” on the inside to keep gear in place.

Mitchell Fiedler says:

Great video, perfect help.

AirsoftAdventures308 says:

The innrr velcro is for a tac belt. The insidd has a velcro line that keeps the pouches in place. And maxpedition being the makers of good outdoor/combat gear, it makes sence that its there.

superturbo says:

do not buy the infiniloop by niteize. just lost my keys using this.

jia cindy says:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071RYPW9P, i like this keychain on amazon

someone else says:

if you don’t like the strong branding on fabric you can ‘smoke your gear’ with a permanent black marker, I do it on overly flashy backpacks and foot wear, works great and does not take too long, no cutting or removing

bugman5923 says:

I’ve been using a victorinox stainless steel belt hanger with chains for over a year now and I’ll never use anything else. Best 13.99 a guy can spend. I use mine for a swisschamp and a small flashlight but keys would be right at home on it.

beholderlt says:

A quickdraw is wayyy too big for keys. I’ve never had a problem with losing my keys though, since I keep track of their position at all times, as well as preferably keep them in a dedicated zipper pocket.

Gummy Bear says:

steel fishing lead wire 18kg test makes good snares and key fobs

League_with_a_T says:

I don’t know if anyone has answered you but that maxpedition keyper might have that velcro pad in the middle because a lot of duty belts have velcro on the inside so that it can attach to your inner belt and that allows you to put the keyper on the duty belt and ensure that it wont slide around, that would be my guess at any rate.

maniacram says:

I can’t for the life of me make sense of why someone would need these everyday, unless you’re travelling.

Bob Besco says:

I have several set-ups with different combinations of tools and keys but the one constant is the Leatherman carabiner (usually with a #0 S-Biner attached) which is always on a loop even when it isn’t carrying a load. Thanks for an enjoyable video.

GinEric84 says:

Quickdraw lmao

rani k says:


Doug Dobkowski says:

Excellent video. Exactly the info i needed. Well done, sir!

William S says:

I have a real classy key fob by Smathers & Branson, it’s needle point stitched surrounded by leather and it’s kind of expensive at about $30 but I enjoy it a lot

Alex Delgado says:

What do you think about keybars?

Joe Hanson says:

I’ve tried the aircraft cables as well and had constants problems of loosening up. The knurling provided enough grip that simply light rubbing against my pants from walking, sitting, and moving caused it to loosen up on a regular basis that is needed to be tightened regularly. This caused me to abandon this design as well, though maybe mine was possibly worse than others.

InMused says:

@555 Gear:  Great video.  I use a Kaijin Brass hook.  It’s been flawless for almost 18 months.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/inmused/9044587315/

ainfantry7 says:

Some concealed carry belts offer velcro on the inside surface of the belt. The velcro on the inside of your keyper is to interface with velcro on the inside of those type belts.

bbmize says:

1k GAW sent me. Interesting video.

maxpedition007 says:

thats not brass

Fred Dobbs says:

Thanks so much for making this video, a big problem solved…..keep up the great work…

Tristan Claxton says:

the piece of Velcro on the inside of the Maxpedition keychain so if you have an expedition belt or any other piece of gear and that might have the South Loop side

Corey Collins says:

I’ve watched this vid way to often. Haha. Always looking for a new option for my keys.

Arkansaswoodsman says:

The Velcro on the inside is for use with tactical belts which have Velcro on the backside to keep the item in place it is commonly used on magazine pouches

67Loowit_scarab says:

I agree the branding is too large and not very fashionable so remove it with a stitch remover.

xPumaFangx says:

My belt has a lot of holes in it. I put a very large ring in one of the holes. I use a crab claw to to hang my keys to it. The key ring then sits on my side but in my pocket. Then I do not have a large lump that makes noise when I walk or bump into something.

oneroarmouse says:

What’s the brand/seller for the tiny carabiner/ring on the Victorinox? I’m trying to find that style. I will be snagging an Infini-Key. Great vid.

Kevin Morrison says:

the cable your talking about at 6 min here is a way better price  for a pk of 10, the only problem is they literally come on a slow boat from china Wish.com 1buck and 1 buck for shipping https://geek.wish.com/m/c/53cc25cccff9ff11866789a1

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