New Purchase/Gear & EDC Talk: Leatherman Cap Lifter Carabiner and Nite Ize S-Biner

Sharing my initial thoughts on the Leatherman Cap Lifter Carabiner. Thanks for watching!

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Travis Cayne says:

$200 for a key thing! DAMN!!!!!!!!!! I can see it now. Telling my wife i bought a $200 key ring “oh Travis the new key chain thing looks cool, how much was it. $200 baby. Thud!” Thats the end of Travis.

Littlemang says:


ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

Thanks, Chuck! It’s a simple thing, but still really important to my EDC overall. I’m hoping this little guy is “the one”.

ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

Apparently, that was originally the only way to get one! From what I gather from reading online, enough people were interested in it that Leatherman saw fit to sell it on its own. I can see why. I’m hoping it works as well and gets a permanent spot on my keys. Thanks for watching and commenting, buddy!

Mark Stone says:

Anyone wonder why the ribbed edge near the hex wrench? For a better grip?

ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

Definitely! I’ve only been carrying 2 days, but I like it!

KnifeTex says:

I’d been wondering about that Leatherman carabiner. Now I know. Good vid, and I may just hafta pick one of these up for myself.

redbird963 says:

You can also try flipping the s-biner so the “knobbed portion” faces towards your pants instead of outward(where your shirt can snag on it)

Guy Friedman says:

you could probably add some duck tape on the little peace from the s shaped carabiner in order to fix the problem thet you talked about

OutdoorsEastCoast says:

My only complaint is that it catches my beltloop when I take it off

BudgetBugout says:

Good intel man! Thanks for the video!

bloodydishtowel says:

How’s this been for you since you got it? It’s between this and a chinese made titanium one right now


I pretty much like anything Leatherman so I will have to check it out thanks for the vid

Chuck Richards Knives, Ohio USA says:

Nice man

ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

Haha, I hear ya! If nothing else, they always seem to pick “interesting” items to produce! Thanks!

ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

Yeah, not bad for 5 bucks! If it holds up for a few weeks and I like how it carries, I may pick up a second for a spare. Thanks for watching!

ItsAWonderfulKnife says:


zunedog31 says:

My Sidekick came with one of these, great little bonus.

Trent Colwell says:

Thanx dude

Kyle Hill says:

How much more longer until the long awaited collection video?

RipSoNasty says:

This carabiner is included with leather man tool sidekick in case you don’t have one of those.

Dan Martin says:

I have been needing to get a bigger carabiner for a while. Right now I am using a little 5Lb Nite  Ize. It is just too small for my Leatherman Style, car keys, home keys, lanyard, and so on. 

I have been debating between the 15Lb S-biner and this Leatherman… but now.. as stupid as it may sound to some… I may go with a blue anodized $125 Jens Anso V3 Carabiner. It is a lot, but it is something I will have on me every day for years, and I like my gear. With my work there are a lot times where I have to leave my knife in the car for a few hours, so I figure, if I have a $200 knife that is not on me all the time, why not indulge for once on something that can be. 

Nice little look at this Leatherman. I have some on in mind who could really use one of these. 

SurvivingOn TheCheap says:

pretty cool little carabiner!

Coloring Zeth says:

I have one

ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

The first segment is gonna be on Swiss Army Knives and should be up in a couple days. I’ll probably do Leatherman and misc multitools after that and lead up to Benchmade, Kershaw, Spyderco, etc..

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