NomadClip Carabiner Review – On the Go Charging

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Fiskey says:

See thats a better background. Try to make it more natury like go outside for some videos like prouduct reviews get some scenery.

Gamers Region says:

Most pointless product ever

Tim Leeds says:

under 301 club lol

Jake S says:

What is the charge like? For example if my phone is at 5% where will it charge to, if it the charger is full?

B-Vaz says:

Where the link at tho

fifas finest says:

Luv ur bids

Emily Rose says:

mine 🙂

All Starr says:


SpacePhoenix HD says:

If I would be a camper I wouldn’t take my phone with me Lolz …

Thorogrimm ‍ says:

I thought it was going to be some sort of clip-on battery to take with you or something. So you basically pay $30 for a carabiner with a built in USB wire?… I personally don’t see it’s worth :/

artawesome says:

surely theres a DIY version of this.

TheWon says:

Wait this isnt a portable charger? Why tf would it ever be useful then lol

neophoys says:

But… but why? Who needs this?!

americanv8ss says:

Worst product 2015?

Corey Carter says:

Pretty cool lil device. Thanks for the vid #Randomfrankp

Amanda Woolsey says:

They also have one for GoPros.

Vorake says:

Fuck them glasses are hypnotising

Tony Cas says:

what you gonna plug it in to a tree …hmmm ? still like the video tho .

DCPlaysHD says:

I like the charget on it

Hector Clemente says:

how many mAh

Shorty-Cookie says:


annihil8 says:

$30 for a iphone charger no thanks

Christian Vaughn says:

Why can’t apple be like every other phone manufacturer and use micro USB to charge their devices? It would make developing products a lot easier.

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