The Carabiner Mug Review

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fritz says:

you should try just boiling water in the mug u dont need a pan

Cam Bam says:

You’re a great rolemodel for your generation kid,your parents should be proud

TTJ BigGunner says:

what happened to you latest video I went to watch it and it’s gone

Aaron Rubinstein says:

dude, you have to put your patreon in every video description

Anime Klassiker says:

I want send you a package with usefull stuff, where i find a adress? Im a big fan from germany^^

david I love McDonald's wrap of the day says:

Great video buddy, love your channel. 😉

Cousin and cousin Outdoor aventures says:

That’s an awesome intro how did you do that looking for some ideas. I started a Outdoors YouTube channel
asking for some ideas for some intros and other contact to add to my channel thanks buddy awesome videos by the way

YTRockerBoy86 says:

Don’t hate on him he is doing what he loves and enjoys this he is the best youtuber plz Hart this

koala okewood says:

0:54 lol

Fox killer says:

Hi Nick you said it right the first time. CARABEEENA Check out vids on here called (401 files ) they are called Ben and Junior 2 top lads local to me here in the UK survival type vids camping and more. You will love their vids. Also you may like the wooded beardsman from Canada. He even answered some questions I had via the comments section he has good advice.

Jerry Puckett says:

Great job that mug is awesome thanks for sharing

David Dingleberry says:

Hello Nick, any chance you could make a video introducing all of your pets?

henrylovespies says:

what a neat idea

Joy Funderburk says:

Just ordered my mug, It’s going to ba a present for my brother, awesome review!!

Clickbait God27 says:

You’re the best kid I’ve ever seen you’re so grateful for everything and you make amazing videos

Alexander Prepper says:

Really cool Video. I like you in personal. You`re so friendly. 🙂

Z&R Family Camping and Outdoors says:

Good stuff! I enjoy your channel.

aj jackson says:


Cody S. says:


Internet Gangster says:

Heels on ground with Slav squat around!

Noah 04 says:

damn I might cop

Ben Hanestad says:

Love your channel man. I’m about scout and I’m 14 and I love what you do. If you aren’t already, I think that you should be a scout and would really like it. Keep up the great work!

Hey its your girl Felicia aka Lesha Johanneck says:

You should have a kids survival channel. I want something my kids can watch and learn from. Teaching them what’s safe to eat, how to build fire, hunt, fish, build a fort, collect water. I’m I’ll and not able to do all that so I been trying to find a channel for them.


by the way you should definitely get as many sponsors as you can you could be on good money in the future!

John Gillis says:

Excellent job on the review man!!

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