$10 M7 Tactical Flashlight Review

M7 Tactical Flashlight – http://amzn.to/2nwReyL

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Visualnewbie says:

A decent light, but not for $10. More like an OK light for $5…

Batarn says:

A producer asking for an unbiased review? Both parties are in good then!

EDIT : Good video by the way

Christopher Flesner says:

It seems like it would be a great light to have around for a potential power outage. Being only $10 I would probably have 2 or 3 in various rooms.

Sociopath Mercenary says:

These exact flashlights are all over Amazon for $5 or less. I have a bunch

TheMatrix says:

There like 8 dollars for 5 on amazon.

Reb Armory says:

Hey Chad, great review, btw, how’s the family? Great channel.

Keaten Carpenter says:

When the taser vid comming

Jacob Summer says:

I got one for free. Yeah it does seem like a super cheap flashlight but the light quality honestly really ain’t bad. I use it as a back up

Carl Tomakin says:

Groupon is selling this exact flashlight and they’re calling it Army Gear for $9.99 for two flashlights with a plastic case.

Jake Tran says:

I got a two pack of those with different branding tho 😛

SH Performance says:

I’ve been buying these for years off Amazon for 5 bucks…

Justin Miller says:

I can’t go that cheap on a flashlight. The Convoy flashlights on Chinese websites are under $20 and as cheap as I’ll go. Check out the Convoy S2+ or the C8 if you don’t want to carry ones, they’re both 18650 lights

Tim R. says:

may pick one up… getting too much shit from everyone for using my phone light (EDC)…. i hate caring too much shit in my pockets… would rather extra bullets… anyone else feel the same? thoughts on phone lights, pros and cons

rezdog187 says:

It seems like the light you would want your enemy to carry…..

Michael Trotter says:

Get the free one at harbor freight.

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