10,500 Lumens PowerTac Destroyer Flashlight Review: Searchlight with the MOST Lumens I’ve Ever Used

10,500 lumens is a flashlight is…well…a LOT of light. The PowerTac Destroyer X10000 is a monster – there’s no way around it. This thing throws light and it has a great amount of spill and flood. Minuses to it? Well, it’s large and it’s going to run you a lot of cash – around $700. But if you are looking for a light with power like no other, this one might be the winner – check it out!

Here’s the Destroyer on the PowerTac website:

Here are 2 of my favorite PowerTac lights:
PowerTac E5R: http://amzn.to/2hQ3iak
PowerTac Warrior Gen3: http://amzn.to/2hXt0pw

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peterkin1010 says:

Admittedly only an impression from this vid but my LED Lenser M17R ain’t too far behind that. and that’s nothing like 10K lumens nor even a tenth…

mineinspiron says:

honest review, your video here is close to what eyes can see. another video seems brighter than actual condition.

Mohsin Alrazi says:

Doesn’t look like a destroyer at all .. see the Imalent DT70 and Judge by ur self.

yubidubi says:

GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting.

Rob M says:

Tim, if possible, could you do a side by side comparison test with this light versus the X3000 Gen 2 which I purchased last fall. Honestly, I’m sure it’s just the video but this light seems no brighter than mine. Also, you might want to point out to your viewers that it is probably a good idea to purchase a second battery pack. They are very expensive but when making a purchase of this magnitude, it just makes sense to have a back up to put away for the long haul as prices are sure to go up. I purchased an extra one for my X3000 Gen 2 and it fits right into the box the X3000 came in. Lastly, this is an American company that builds its lights in China but under excellent quality control conditions. I mention this because much of what comes out of China is garbage but they also build excellent products as well provided the price point is high enough to generate quality labor and materials. I spoke with the people at Powertec and their customer service is excellent.

Pamela Schramke says:

Wow! Nice light! Wish that fit into my budget! Too much of a stretch for me!

d fernandez says:

I would love to edc that lol

Ivan Ivanov says:

10000 lumens Powerful Flashlight 6T6 Removable led torch CREE XML T6 3x 18650 Rechargeable Battery Portable 5000 lumen

WellWhyNot200 says:

You can buy very nice 10k lumens all day long for under $100 bucks that are just fine, if you just look. For the List Price:of $689.95, you can buy an old car, with head WoW, working head lights, & gee whiz, a nifty generator of your very own to recharge the battery. You even get someplace to sit as you aim & shine it on stuff. Prices crack me up that people are willing to pay, & company’s to try & sell stuff for. My mid-moring LOL for sure.

A Jr says:

Nice EDC light, will fit on any pocket. Lol. Jokes a part awesome review as always, thank you for sharing the knowledge.

romantashev says:

Have you seen this one: http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_612736.html
1/4 of the price with 16000 lumens 🙂

Canadia jay man says:

LOL 690$? There’s many premium quality lights you can get that are as bright or brighter for less than 100 USD. I don’t hate on capitalism but damn that’s a huge rip off.

Canadian Prepper says:

All American Prepper approves this for everyday carry!

doubleu dee says:

600 meters is ok, but not that good for a light that big…thrunite tn40 stock does close to 5000 lumens, and throws 1150 meters…thats twice as far as this light…. and you can buy 3 of them for what that one cost….take it a step further and get it modded from vinh…then your looking at 9000 lumens, and over 1400 meters of throw…thats almost 2.5 times the distance…and about half of what that light cost….and the tn40 is at least half or more, smaller….just saying….good review none the less ……

Joseph A says:

Awhile ago you did a video about how you were going to start rucking. Is there a follow up video coming?

Fibro Dad - UK Fibromyalgia says:

i have a 40k lumens i made myself. did you test this from full charge to cut off on all major settings please.

SammytheStampede says:

Heh you can BLIND bigfoot with that flashlight!

archangels mulisha says:

not worth the money thanks

bill R says:

rediculously overpriced! the tn36-2017 is less than half the price!

Laserguy2009 says:

NOT 10000L, more like 1500!!

Texas BowHunter says:

that thing is a beast

james palmer says:

No way in hell is that 10k lumins

mars GIA says:

What beautiful area. That is one torch perfect for search & rescue

Warped Wackos says:

Nice light if you have the $$$!

Troy Smith says:

That light does not seem to be 10000 lumens at all.. The Thrunite 40, 42, and AC70 seems to beat this…

Bob Outdoorz says:

Not practical for everyday carry.. LOL.. $$$$$$

Republic Thunderstreak says:

This looks like a 1000 lumen light to me.

Biggils says:

My energizer 900 lm puts out more light.

Sven3xs says:

Wahahaha-how..what the??
OK, I have been looking at crazy powered psycho-lights for weeks, ranging from 3,4,5 thousand, to 30,000 lumens, price ranging from $70 to $450-ish, a couple a bit more, but most come with a bundle of accessories and a good warranty, usually.
Then I saw this one, nowhere near the top of the chart, but not a little guy either..power wise, pretty much in the middle of the one’s that I’ve been looking at. Certainly in the running for consideration for sure. Before you got to the price, I popped over to the website to see what it’s going for. With the power ranking in mind, compared to the other 20-25 or so I’ve got written down for consideration, I’m thinking $200-ish. I am presently frozen in the eyebrow raise. My personal CPU between my ears, can’t decide the next step. It’s calculating all the normal options, with “bursting laughter”, “OMG”, “WT..?”, and “UgottaBkiddinmee” topping the list.
To end this on a more positive note, I’m going to choose a departing remark from the “less likely” category, and say it’s a “very, very nice light”, and is probably (God I hope) a “higher quality” than any of the other 10 or so brands presently on my list of considerations 😉
My memory is low, I’m going to reboot now 😉

sean says:

if you can’t blind someone with the light output, you can use the flashlight itself as a club. that thing is massive…but awesome.

Al Holsbo says:

I noticed on the side of the light it says “light years ahead ” a light year is a measurement of distance, I wonder if they know that

jort93z says:

can you focus the light? i would imagine you should be able to at that price. might as well get one of a different brand if you want to spend that much on a light. something like the X21R.2 from led lenser. 3000 lumens is no joke either. and you can focus it.(also dimmable and a bunch more settings)

Hiker Marapese says:

Its not for me but enjoyed the vid.

cyclist01222 says:

That’s all you got? lol

Frank Castle says:

that’s what every woman wants for Valentine’s Day just tell them you light up my life baby

mixflip says:

it didn’t seem to throw any better than the Thrunite TN40S or Nitecore TM28 that have less lumens. I do like the usb feature though.

Callum Hood says:

my fenix pd35 is brighter, Any light With X destroyer” in the name, is a ripoff definitely not 10,000 lumens

bendari says:

$690 for this light is $400 too much for what this light is.Acebeam x65 is a better light and $190 less. I don’t think too many flash-a-holics would buy this light at all.Acebeam,Olight,Nitecore,Thrunite and so on. 675 meters isn’t very far at all.The Thrunite TN42 throws almost one mile!

stripervince1 says:

seriously my $12 j5 tactical 300 light on my Kelly technology sub 2000 looks better

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