1TAC TC1200 – Flashlight Scam??

Let’s test the 1TAC TC1200 and see if it stands up to their claim of 1200 lumen output. If you like this flashlight as much as I do, go to this link at Amazon.com http://amzn.to/2wQlEzg and you’ll save $16 under what my wife paid for it.


jayasurya tech in telugu says:

you should speak rather fast … your content is good but slaggy

Lie-Fa Shen-Dale says:

Thank you for your video. Like your wife, I saw this and was about to order and decided to look for some reviews.

David Joe says:

Thank you. I almost buy this crap.

Wear and Tear says:

I am so sorry, this is only a 5-10 USD light giving you about 300 lumens. Unless it has very different components from the one I reviewed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBuSOiIlqeI

Pietro Bembo says:

3XAAA batteries can’t generate the power needed for 1200 lumen; that was the big give away from the start. Don’t let them take you for a ride. Go to the Hennie Heynes site for a decent torch/flashlight, not cheap but proper gear ! !

kenny play says:

Well, when he zoomed in, to the small square, it was really bright

nfinit3 says:

The zoom function, as indicated on the bell of the light, shows that the supposed high power level of the light is available at the highest zoom position. Other less illuminating lower power levels are indicated as the zoom level is decreased. Or at least this is how I read it.

What Now says:

Looks like a normal flashlight’s output to me, nothing like the blinding flood 1TAC shows illuminating a whole house

BingCherry11 says:

Great review! You save me some money. Thank you.

rad roofer says:

it’s spam

Michael Worsham says:

Who actually sells the 1tac flashlight?

David Buchanan says:

This light is made by one company in China that gets rebranded by many different company’s who then sell it as a high power tac light lol. I bought one for work purposes, it cost me £8 about $12 on ebay and arrived with 2 x 18650 batterys and a charger and the case like yours. Been using it for 2yrs trouble free. It’s a take on a scam a falsely advertised light but it does what i need it to do..

oziumzx says:

They’re 2 for $17 on Amazon under the brand name SouYos and it comes with a belt holster. SouYos advertises it as 300 lumens. Not a bad deal at that price but I only use it for walking the dog at night, not as an edc tactical light.

Echo Xane says:

The batteries it’s using is a big warning flag… Sadly. There’s a cap on how the size of an LED to the amount of light it can put out. They are always improving them, but the if most legit flashlights are offering 400 to 800, and these people are offering significantly higher in the same form factor at a cheaper cost…. You’re being taken for a ride.

Personally I recommend Fenix brand, I have had my pd35 for ears now, have dropped it, used it under water.. It’s never let me down and honestly I think I’ve only had the battery die maybe 3 times. The fenix brand battery may or may not be anything special but it holds a charge like you wouldn’t believe.

Plumes1 says:

I can barely heeeeeear you.

Jan de Bruin says:

Great video. I have one of these, or rather the As Seen on TV Bell + Howell Taclight, which looks identical. I quite like the light actually, due to its compact size and the zoom. With an 18650 lithium ion battery in it, I think it might actually be a genuine 600 lumens as claimed by Bell+Howell.

Diehard says:

Well if nothing else, I believe the lumen rating can be misleading. Here’s one example I was able to find. And I’m sure there are other factors that make a difference when trying to compare them.
“A high quality reflector used in a 1 lumen flashlight can out perform a 10 lumen flashlight that has a cheap reflector or no reflector at all. So quality does play a role in the light distance of a torch.”
I was thinking, in your video you show the zoom effect of the dimmer looking flashlight. When zoomed in, the light did look to be much brighter, but in a smaller area. Maybe that’s where the unit gets its rated 1200 lumen. You should research the subject further. I will, but it’s getting harder to find good info on the web when everything is geared towards money making.
Thanks for you review.

Leon Ives says:

I am always amazed at the reviews people make. I am a retired Army soldier and law enforcement officer. I have nothing to do with 1TAC or the TC1200 flashlight, other than to be a recent buyer. I think the value for dollar is great. I bought several, which included an equal number of free flash lights. For me, each light cost $25 each. Buying one and getting on free is closer to $40 each. The $100 he refers to includes an entire TC1200 Flashlight “Kit”, which includes house and car chargers, and a belt sheath and a carrying case. He then compares the TC1200 to a $15 flashlight. That made no sense. I always use Energizer lithium batteries in all my electronics, that last 2 or 3 times longer than regular batteries. The flashlights on the webpage are clearly marked TC1200, TC800, Tactical pen (mini), and a head lamp. Easy to figure out. Always listen for the negative words and misinformation when reading or listening to a review. It is not always intentional. Just the way some people are when hoping to prove their choices. This reviewer says the box was poorly constructed along with the literature. The box and directions were just fine. This is not a rocket launcher. (I read below where someone said the box was plain white. He obviously has a different manufacturer in mind.) I noted when the reviewer shined his preferred flashlight on his shed at 66′ he used a more narrowed focus making the twin doors appear brighter. With the TC1200, he used the wider focus, so the light appeared less brighter on the two doors. Just observe the sides of the shed seen when testing his preferred flashlight vs. the TC1200. He then zooms in with the TC1200 and you can catch this discrepancy and the twin doors in fact become brighter. Just as bright as his preferred light. He does state he likes the zoom feature and it is in fact a good one. As are the three levels of brightness, the strobe setting and the SOS signal. When I looked at the 1TAC website, again, I saw three flashlights and one head lamp. Not several flashlights and not confusing, at least for me. Ordering the flashlights requires you to be careful because they try to get you to purchase accessories and more flashlights. When I was trapped by this I called them and they fixed my order. Just buy the one flashlight and get on free or the buy five and get five free. There is three as well. I have played a little bit with my flashlight and the orange rubber switch unfortunately does not require a solid click I prefer. However, it is not so sensitive it changes modes all on its own. That is not physically possible. There must be a connection of metal to metal and there is a spring inside. Even jostling the flashlight did not present a problem. Perhaps they fixed that? I find the flashlight to be very solid, very bright, with several useful functions, and for $25 or even $40 it is well worth the cost. I have purchased and used solid metal flashlights just like the 1TAC that were in fact between $75 and $150. This is a bargain. Now, the strobe light and the SOS signal can be very useful outdoors. We use strobe lights so rescue and recovery units can find us in the woods. SOS signals are recognized by all police officers. We use the bright light not only to see better, but to blind a potential assailant. The reviewer says the TAC1200 is not 1200 lumens. I do not know because I have not technically measured the light. But, if you have it on full bright and completely narrowed-in, I suspect it is close to 1200 lumens. It is certainly far brighter than my similar flashlights that are 400 to 600 lumens.

Dallas Dal says:

You can buy 2 Atomic Beam Flashlights for 20 bucks at Big Lots that looks just like this one and claims 13,000 LUX output if you use the optional lithium battery. They use a term LUX instead of LUMS and that is a confusing misleading term LUX is based on how for away you are and the width of the beam or something. The Atomic Beam makes the same claims as the TC1200 where it can be dropped in boiling oil or water, frozen in ice dropped from a vague assumed extremely high height and can be run over with a fire truck and put between 2 cinder blocks and then having the cinder blocks smashed with a sledge hammer and survive and keep working. I have the Atomic Beam and it does seem to be real bright like in the TV Infomercials. It gets real warm in the middle part when using it on the highest setting.

Nick H says:

I’ve been getting spam email ads for these for years. I almost just want to buy one just to shut them the hell up.

Rowland Johnson says:

WORST FLASHLIGHT MADE! I have bought 6 total and all failed within 3 months. Symptoms include mode switching randomly, no function after ONE small drop to light simply going off never to start again. The U.S. Trade Authorities should investigate this HIGHLY inferior product for FRAUD, repeat DO NOT BUY!!!!

Arturo Beltran says:

Thanks for the info! Saved me money

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