$20 Bushnell 1500 Lumen CREE LED Flashlight Review (from Walmart)

This may be the gift to pick up for the holidays! Thanks for watching my review of the $20 Bushness 1500 Lumen LED flashlight. This flashlight may be sold out online but is available at most Walmart stores!

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weedXD38 says:

Awesome!!! Definitely make a great stocking stuffer!!! Thanxs!!!

Scott F. says:

Nice light that is very affordable…..Good stuff….

Frank Hellman says:

Redneck rest stop! LOL! I don’t even want to know if that’s a real thing, and I live in GA!!
BTW, that’s got to be the cleanest HVAC system I’ve ever seen. Do you clean that thing off weekly or something?

Jason Stewart says:

great job matt & travis…going to get me one or two or three

Rob D. NY Outcast says:

Its hard to be sure but it sounded like you may want to pop off your valve cover and re torque them. It was ticking pretty good. That’s normal for older vehicles. It’s a cheap and easy job.

James M says:

I bought two of these and they’ve been damn good cheap flashlights.

OBNXS1 says:

I may have to get one of these to compare it to the Energizer 1300 lumen light. I’ve got some of those and they are $25-30, batteries included, and they’re well worth it.

CloverTac says:

buy $10 worth of batteries, get a sweet flashlight for $10, what a deal! i would advise being very careful when dealing with non standard bulbs and using rechargeable stuff though. i have burned up my fair share of stuff trying that. it can be done, just gotta get the right rechargeable batteries is all… pay attention to the voltage.

General Relativity says:

Thank you sir. So, it is a flashlight the functions as a flashlight. Excellent. Now, we want to see her glowing: in the bottom of a bucket of water (bonus points for bottom of lake or river), in a snowbank, in a 160degree, or more, oven (for the southern folks with a hot sun) and tethered to the bumper of your Jeep. Seriously, these situations happen…….and well beyond the capabilities of Horror Freight freebies. Show us what its got!!!!!

real station says:

here in california they have those lights locked behind glass

Charger8921 says:

The emitter in this flashlight is a Cree XHP-50 in the 5000 Kelvin to 6000 Kelvin color temperature range. If you have a surplus of Duracell alkalines, go through them, and check them for the MAR 2014 date mark. I have a lot that have leaked in my Mini-Mags, and rendered them useless because I can’t get them out.

Charles White says:

Lol, saw this on the chat and it got me wanting one too. I wish it had a way to attach a lanyard.

Shooter Industries says:

Thats a bunch of lumens for $20. Im def gonna check it out

travisp11 says:

A few quick corrections. We have UltraFire flashlights in the house. They are pretty cheap. I also said ´let´s put some lights in it¨, meant to say batteries. My metric conversion was also well off for beam projection.

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