Acebeam K30 Flashlight Review. A beer can sized 5000 lumen torch.

This review of the Acebeam K30 shows just how powerful a single LED flashlight can be. The Cree XHP70.2 pumps out over 5200 lumens in a light about the same size as a soda can. I test the output figures, walk around with it at night, verify runtimes, and more. Plus there’s dad jokes, and who doesn’t like those? You’ll see other flashlights in this review like the Noctigon Meteor, the Olight X7, the Manker MK34, and the brand new BLF Q8.

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mythrol says:

I now own a flood flashlight and a throw flashlight and have no desire for another yet still watch every video you post. . .because I’m no quitter.

marshalllaw123 says:

That’s a good ‘un.

40belowful says:

since the battery’s are in series’ will this work on one or two battery’s ? like the imalent dt 70.

Esther Liukin says:

Ayoooo, like subscribe comment! Thank you!

Dinner-fork tongue says:

Don’t play coy, bro, flashlight porn is this plus so much of the content you’ve posted for our titillation. It’s not just our buddy ASF that does it. And it’s kinda bummy that you don’t seem to have gotten a Giggles in exchange for the Meteor.

For a beer can torch, this is surprisingly small. Could do with a bit more grooving to increase the surface area even further, although apparently it manages heat just fine. Point to Acebeam for that.

Now, call me a madman, but I really wish Cree would make an emitter with the die size of the XHP70.2 geared for lower voltages, so we could use it in single-cell li-ion torches or any kind of AA/AAA ones. It would make a few lights that I can think of into amazing mules.

Eric Boss says:

Would have commented sooner, but I had a seizure when you dropped that strobe in the sink…

Daffa Wiratama says:

make a flashlight maintenance video, man. you know.. balance

porkbap55 says:

Another thumbs up video review bro keep em coming well done bro✔

Dr. Tautology says:

I’ve always wondered what the risk is of these things becoming a pipe bomb in your hand. There’s obviously no built in venting for a thermal run away event.

me says:

Hey bro, aside from needing a headlamp, I’m also in the market for an alcoholic beverage light. Do you think the Olight X7 is the best bang for the buck?

Fitz Mouse says:

Here is a comment for your stats. Today is a sick day so I’ve got nothing. That q-8 looks fun though.

- - says:

I have an idea that may be worth a lot of money. Make a flashlight with whatever LED the sun uses. I know, it’s groundbreaking. Please reach out to me with whatever resources you have to help get the ball rolling and I might consider letting you in on it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

MinikuiOtoko says:

I hate the green when I point the light on the wall and stare at the tint, endlessly. Well, as long as the battery goes, which is why the batterylife is so important to me 🙂

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