AceBeam X45 flashlight review!

OMG! This is now the brightest flood light I have in my collection! It is my new favorite! It has a huge wide area flood beam pattern! It’s quality and finish are perfect! I give it a perfect 10! It turns night into day right from your hand! It is a bit pricey but well worth it! Please purchase from

I was really liking this so much I used it for extended testing in the park! Thank for watching, Take care!


jon Neat says:

Would have been nice to have an idea as to the actual distances that you were highlighting…..from your Tree of Life to the building in the background, what were the distances??

Brian Wood says:


Ken A says:

What does the 5000k and 6500k mean? Is one better than the other?

argo eric says:

Charles, can you please point the flashlight to the end of the fence on your upcoming videos,cause I can see something like building or gate. It shown on your haikelite mt07 & imalent dt35. Imo it’s mean “high thrower measurement point”. The palm trees are a bit easy to reach for the lights. Just point it few seconds on highest & 2nd highest modes please. BTW I have been watching all your flashlight videos. Very good, keep it up man.

mwstoll says:

I’ve seen in other youtube videos, the 6500k version has a greenish spot. Do you know if the 5000k version has the greenish spot or is it white?

skyliner967 says:

Great review Charles.

How do you find the tint of the light with the neutral white? I have read reviews on CPF that say that it has a really noticeable green tint to it. Did you find anything like that with your version?

Steve Kluver says:

Thank you Charles. Great job!

hardus van der hoven says:

Charles, looks like the X45 does has a better flooding when compared to the DT70. But looks like the DT70 is the better thrower between them. What was your experience regarding the throwing distance after tested the X45?

Optimus Prime says:

AceBeam X45 Vs Imalent DT70..Pro’s for AceBeam: 6 Output Levels, Far longer runtimes
Firefly: 3 lumens 310hours;
Low : 500 lumens 10hours;
Mid : 1500 lumens 3.5hours;
High: 4000lumens 1.4hours;
Turbo:9000lumens-4000lumens, 10minutes+1.2hours
Turbo Max:16500lumens-4000lumens, 3minutes+1.1hours
Strobe 4000 lumens 3 hours
Lanyard Clip .

Pro’s for Imalent DT70, Access to 16000 Lumens from off with one touch, In built USB Charging, Digital Voltage Reading from Off/On, 700M Throw, SOS & Beacon Special Modes..

Loving the runtimes on the AceBeam X45 but i would still have the All Black Imalent DT70 over the AceBeam X45.
Both AWESOME AWESOME Flashlights!

Great Review Charles!

Stanley Law says:

Thanks for nice review

hardus van der hoven says:

Hi Charles, are you also perhaps going to test the Acebeam X65 in the near future?

Michael Yip says:

What is the different between Imalent DT70 & Acebeam X45 in terms of brightness as well as heat sink issues?

Otis Cobblepot says:

Are the batteries rechargeable? Can I use Panasonic NCR button top batteries in it? The reason I’m asking, I have the Thrunite TN42 flashlight

Madcow Computer says:

Pls compare IMALENT DT70 XHP70 vs Acebeam X45 16500 lumen. Which is more Brighter! Provide Video Pls… !!

badboymarshall says:

hello great videos can someone suggest the most powerful spotlight kind of beam torch I’m looking for a thrower I believe

ScotSpeed says:

exclamation points – tsk, tsk.

Michael Yip says:

I just placed an order for Imalent DT70 base on your beautiful review. The reason I passed X45 was because I have huge discount for DT70! Meanwhile, awaiting your next reviews!

AhilMohan says:

Love your reaction on the beamshot

Timbo says:

damn with less with 200 subs and you get all these top quality flashlights for free makes my flashaholic self want to make my own channel

Derek of Gont says:

Great review Charles, thanks

luxLumen GR says:

That sucker is insane!!

hardus van der hoven says:

I bought the Imalent DT70 a month back. What a great flood light. My Acebeam X45 6500K will be here in the first week of May and I cannot wait for it. I will definitely also compare them and see what the difference is between them. Thanks for this awesome video.

Montes0000 says:

I am so confuse which one to buy, the Imalent DT35 or this Acebeam X45. Can you help me decide which one to choose between this two or the Imalent DT70? Which one is better between the Acebeam X45 or the Imalent DT70 or the DT35? If you only have to choose one, which of them is the best according to you? Thanks.

Gadjimurad Suleymanov says:

yes my friend, I’m looking at that!))
I’m waiting rewiev from Advanced Knife Bro…..look at that))

Paul George says:

Charles you now have a portable sun!!!

MrPaul3388 says:

Hi, Charles, I like your AceBeam X45 review, you did a great job. One thing that I wonder, this flashlight one the box, 5000K and 6500K, does this flashlight either choice of the 5000K and 6000K ? I have watch some other review of this flashlight, also did not mention about this light color different.

Otis Cobblepot says:

Is Acebeam a sister company with Thrunite?

Rosario Salvador says:

hello charles how will i know that my x45 unit is 5000k or 6500k.because its not written in specification nor in the box.

bendari says:

If they ever make a light similar to this that has 1200 meters of throw then I will buy it! But I am not holding my breath.

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