AmuTorch AM33 Flashlight Review!

Here is a very nice budget thrower from AmuTorch with their AM33! This is an upgraded version. The Cree XHP70.2 is world famous for brightness and quality. This runs on three 18650. The EIZFAN/EFAN cells are very nice cells. This has a nice combination beam pattern but leans more toward s the thrower side. The magnetic USB charging system is a huge plus for it you have less chances for water leakage into the light. This have very nice runtime on turbo too. This can put out 4000 lumens! You can check out the links below to get the batteries or to the light including my special discount code to

AmuTorch AM33: (Here is my special discount code: LPNGO to save 20% off)

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EIZFAN/EFAN Batteries:


mesut yaman says:

Battery showing 25A High Drain on the body ! Could you please tell any reason you call it is a 10 Amp battery?.

chefgav1 says:

Wil this take protected cells.good review.

Xsauce says:

They should make this one with a Domeless XHP 70.2.

Cunt Destroyer says:

Hi Charles-quick question from you please-I’ve watched all your vids-i watched your astrolux mf04 again lately and it’s got me salivating again.
My question is this-i have the mf02 already-is the mf04 noticeably better/different or are they very similar?
I know the stats say the 04 throws twice as far as the 02 but in the real world are they vastly different.
Any reply is gratefully accepted.
Love your vids by the way.

matty t says:

BridgTec Amutorch has a few Disgruntled owners of this flashlight on the Banggood website for reviews, as well as happy owners of the Light.

Jeff s says:

Would it be difficult if they just made the dam power button a quarter inch higher? My goodness

Edward Clark says:

That thing is huge for 4 thousand lumes.

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