AmuTorch AX3 Flashlight Review!

Here is another amazing performance small compact EDC flashlight from AmuTorch with their AX3! Nice build quality very bright NW light for such a small size. This is a dual LED flashlight which has both ramping and steeping UI to please just about anyone. I recommend a 18650 unprotected cell like the Efan/EizFan which you can check out the link below to get them. The performance again is amazing flloody and wide beam for it size. Check out my link and discount code below to banggood: (My special discount code: BGAX3 to save $$!)

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Joseph Kasperek says:

Wow, bright little light. Nice job

BlaserAndDesert says:

Tell Lumens in the DARKNESS thanks 🙂

Sanjay Khatana says:

Good beam but they should do something about heating issues

sojourner pasajero says:

Wow Charles, I just found this light on banggood and came to youtube to see if it had been reviewed and this video showed saying you uploaded it 30 minutes ago. Good timing!

Xsauce says:

I don’t like how the two led looks in the head they should put 3 or a single led.

Wood Stock says:

Hello. The lamp is real 2500 lm?

willc says:

I got this light a few weeks ago and it is a nice light for the money.
The UI is good but takes a little getting used to.
Very nice video.

ivko pivko says:

Emisar is brighter with xpl i guess… Right?

matty t says:

You Ruined my day BridgTec because I paid twice as much one month ago for the DQG 26650 Tiny Monster, Could this Light Whip my Tiny Monster in a Showdown.

Mike Persia says:

How about I send you my Emisar D-4 for a review?

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