Anker LC40 Flashlight Review “The Good vs The Bad”

“EDIT #1″… There is an adaptive memory funtion that will memorize your most used mode and default to that mode every time the light is turned on but it takes a 3-5 cycles of at least 2 min run each time for it to kick in and Memorize! “RATING IS NOW A 7/10”

“EDIT #2” This light has been growing on me quite a bit lately, I have been using it a lot in the past week or so at work and it keeps on impressing me more and more with its run time and output!

The Anker LC40 Flashlight. Did they hit it out of the park with this light?? I personally think NO! This is my unbiased truth review of the light where I show you the Good VS Bad with this light! The Choice is ultimately yours and some of the Bad may not bother you and some of the Good may overcome the Bad for you. The best thing about this light is the output time using a good 18650 battery (Not included) which is 6 hours total and 4 hours total using the supplied AAA adapter.
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wesleywhatwhat says:

Lame review.

James Palmer says:

Unscrew head clockwise not counter clockwise

cos342 : says:

It has a memory if you turn the torch off for 10-20seconds when you turn it back on it comes on the same setting it was on

Carlos Matos says:

Is it brighter with the 18650 or just longer run time?

Vincent Wong says:

Is there any rattling with the 18650 in?

ScrabblerVid says:

Just got one from that company that starts with A, for $7.99 with coupon. The 18650 is loose, but take that “Happy/Not Happy” card, wrap it around the 18650, and put it in the flashlight, and rattling problem solved.

Amr Ashraf says:

what is the length of this anker?

Давидыч says:

Гавно а не фонарь!

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