Astrolux C8 flashlight review

A review of the Astrolux C8 flashlight, and how it compares to the Convoy C8. The Astrolux C8 is a 1300 lumen light with a 640m throw. I believe it is the longest-throwing budget flashlight available in stock form.

You can find the light here, with a holiday discount price of only $19.95 (33% off), until December 21.

The light was provided by for review purposes. No other form of compensation is provided.


Sameers ReviewRoom says:

Good Review buddy, got clear idea about the product.
Just have one question, which version is it 3A or 3B ?

Kevin Alva says:

I accidentally unscrewed the reflector and didn’t notice the small white plastic circle that separates the reflector from the led fell and when i put the c8 back together it turned off. Now it won’t work like before. Did I mess it up? It’s not bright anymore.

Review Leaks and Vlogs says:

I’ve found you looking for BLF Q8 reviews, excellent explanation/narrative. You absolutely deserve a lot more subs.

Home Repairman says:

Astrolux or Convoy c8 which one is better than other ?

matt peter says:

Have you thought of reviewing the Utorch u21? Another budget thrower with great heat management ☺

Kevin Louwrens says:

Great review, and good comparison. This was exactly what I needed to make my decision. Just ordered the Astrolux!

Adrian Duggan says:

Great review. Was looking to buy a flashlight and I knew nothing but was going to buy the convoy c8. Based on your review Iopened an account on bang good and bought this. Thanks for the in-depth review.

william johnson says:

Excellent review!!!!

matt peter says:

Thanks for the great review! I got the silver 2017 upgraded convoy, and after I saw this review I went and got the astrolux FET version as well 🙂

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