AstroLux FT02 Flashlight Review!

Here is the all new FT02 from AstroLux! Nice small compact thrower! This can run on 18650 or 21700 cells. This is USB rechargeable with 1A rapid charging ability. The Cree XHP35 HI D4 LED is spot on and powerful. This is one of the best throwers you can buy on the market today. You don’t want to lug around a huge thrower then this should suit you fine. Excellent runtime using the 21700 cell. The ramping UI is a huge plus for ease of use for just about anyone. You can click the link below plus you can use my special discount to drop the price to $59!

Flashlight: (My special discount code: AFT02 to save $$!)


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tony puccio says:

Can someone tell me where I can get that flashlight

Travis Browning says:

And how would you compare this to the Lumintop odl20c? Thrower vs thrower.

chipete1 says:

Are there a such thing as AAA lithium ion batteries?

Travis Browning says:

How does this compare to the Sofirn c8f? If you could only choose 1 which would you choose and why? I will be buying one or the other. You are the only one I have seen that has reviewed both. Thank you.

Timothy Wood says:

This is a great compact thrower, I have one coming. Nice review as always.

matty t says:

This Flashlight misses the mark BridgTec, it should either throw another 150-200 meters or Flood the Area with More light, not a good use of 2,250 Lumens.

Xsauce says:

Looks like a competitor to the Trunite catapult v6 and WoWTac A4

Patrick F C Bronsema says:

Do know wat the difference between USB typy c and Micro USB? This is definitely Micro USB.

I like Astrolux, but for frower (800m) is 2250 Lumen to much.

I like the Lumintop odl20c (Actual USB Type C charging port) has less power (2023 Lumen) and the beam is much stronger at 860m.

The Lumintop ODL20c looks smaller then this one.

Mr257weatherby says:

I think it’s a good light. I bought one in cool white and neutral white. Only 2 minor complaints. Ramping is too fast and the hot spots on mine have a lot of bleed. The most of any dedicated thrower I have ever bought. Both are identical this way. I still like them but the beam is not focused well at all. Love all my Astrolux flashlights, just minor issues with these.

Kevin Louwrens says:

That looked like a micro USB port?

Senior XJ says:

You’ve got to compare this to the ThruNite Catapult V6! I was gonna buy that one but I may hold out for this one.

JSM says:

Don’t most high-end flashlight companies supply the power USB cable with there lights?

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