ATactical A1S Ultimate Flashlight Review

Review to the ATactical A1S flashlight.


djchris30 says:

The battery alone make it worth it

douglask says:

Wow, really thorough review! Great job.

nivlem131303 says:

looks like thrunite’s box

12GaugeTommy says:

I ordered mine last night can’t wait to see how it does

gone rydin says:

The box for the one I just got is slightly different. It has “Technical Support By Thru Nite” printed on the outside.

I carry my Revolver In single action says:

Lol nice hammer test!!

I bought 3 A1’s because I was so impressed.

sRm says:

The A1s is a much, much brighter light @ 1150 Lumen … VS the 550 Lumen of the standard A1.
I have this light and am very satisfied with its overall performance!

Victor Triumph says:

My A1S lasted 2 months and stopped working. Is yours still working?

Wade Page says:

Where can you order these?

Manchest Store Mark says:

Hi buddy, my name is Mark, I am the manufacturer of Manchest flashlight battery.May I invite you to review our 18650 battery? Our battery is premium than the usual, I think you may like it after reviewing it.Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you.

KillchainG21 says:

Thank you for the review, My A1S comes Tuesday.

black eagle says:

Excellent review! Sounds like a quality product.

aardwolf14 says:

does this fit in jean pockets well? even with a large phone?

Roy Parman says:

Nice stuff… I love their habit of putting the recharging connection on the battery itself, rather than break the waterproofing integrity of the case by putting the connection on the flashlight itself.

Jet Collado says:

I got my A1S last Friday…awesome light, but I really thought it would be a real thrower like my A1, but it’s a lot floodier.

MrJH1959 says:

I have several of these lights that I’ve been carrying these in my truck, work bag, range bag, etc for a while. … I even have one mounted on my AR as a weapon light. Ran 150 round through the AR and the light works as well as when I took it out of the box. But I NEVER… EVER… thought of driving a nail with my light… but… YEAH BABY!!!! GREAT REVIEW!!!!

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