Atomic Beam USA 5000 lux zoomable tactical LED flashlight review – AS SEEN ON TV

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All The Reasons You Need To Get An Atomic Beam USA™
Don’t get stuck in the dark! Atomic Beam USA™ is the ultra-bright tactical flashlight. It’s one of the most powerful flashlights on earth! Ordinary flashlights might put out a feeble 125 Lux, but Atomic Beam USA™ uses an LED that puts out up to an incredible 5000 LUX… that’s 40 times more! Use the focus feature for a super-bright spotlight that can be seen from miles away or the powerful strobe to stun an intruder! The tough-grade aluminum case can withstand almost any abuse. It’s compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere! Light up the night with Atomic Beam USA™


skankhunt42 says:

With Ultrafire batteries it becomes a shitty flashlight & pipe bomb all in one, what a bargain

Yassine Akhayad says:

I liked the review very much, but I think there are much better flashlight than the Atomic Beam. For example the Noctic Focus. I saw this review on Youtube and it was very impressive.
It has a little bit the same as the Atomic Beam but this Noctic Focus is Waterproof and has a 500 Lumens. It has a zoom functions but that is similiar like the Atomic. But I don’t think a 5000 lux is much, it can be better.
Maybe you should make a review of the Noctic Focus. I don’t think there are many people who knows it but it’s very popular here in Belgium
Here is the site where you can find the information.

Christine S says:

My local news channel just did a test on this and it passed everything except the “slam it to the ground” test. While it did work after that it was a bit sporadic. But otherwise it’s quite impressive. And the light is SIGNIFICANTLY brighter than your average flashlight. And as a protective device, if you flash this into a potential attacker’s eyes it can temporarily blind them. I will definitely be purchasing one of these. Average cost is around $20.

Max S. says:

bei mir waren 2 in einem Drinnen

Mark C says:

That light looks like it sucks. I own a Bushnell Pro Li Ion 1300L Rechargeable Flashlight & it’s the best flashlight I ever used, owned and seen in person. I’m sure there’s better ones then my Bushnell but the Atomic dosen’t even come close to my Bushnell 1300L. Atomic my ass; more like “Atomically Bullshit”.

Takanuku Facts & Reviews says:

maybe if you read about the atomic beam flash light you dont have to turn it off and on to change the settings also if you turning off the light for good leave it on sos so when you turn it back on your good

Calvin Cheong says:

fck off… shit flash light not come to 300 lmn

Bill Peirce says:

that light sucks

Big Ed says:

hello, when i focus my light down to a tight columination the square looks to have small dots all over the lighted square. is this normal? if so why please? i tried to see yours but the camera din’t pick it up. thanks.

cano97 says:

I have that light , it’s garbage ..

Durga Yadav says:

not best torch

Jay Khela says:

It’s a waste of money its a rip off

david villiere says:


K S says:

it’s an OK flashlight for the car or the kitchen junk drawer in case of a power outage.. biggest drawback is when turned off then on it advances to the next mode instead of maintaining current mode and to achieve maximum brightness you need the 18650 battery which they want you spend another $20.00 for instead of the 3AAA.. in a nutshell I’ll stick with my Fenix PD35

Run Platypus says:

Get a nitecore or an olight.

Mason DeVoe says:

Basically any and all zommable flashlights are crap/the same damn thing. Don’t get confused with Lux vs lumens

Isaac Diaz says:

Would you know how to repair the zoom head of the flashlight Peter von Panda? Because I noticed that the rubber band inside of the zoom area broke and ripped and now the head won’t stay still on one view…

Jim Y says:

The dead give away is the lux listening and not lumen listing. That’s a warning sign.

Squid Ward says:

For $20 it’s a fantastic light… ordered the $15 rechargeable battery and its that much brighter. Well worth it for me, I’m going to buy a better quality flashlight for patrol but for now this does a great job. Highly recommend

Republic Thunderstreak says:

I just did a conversion using the ANSI fl1 standards. 5000 lux at 2m would be 20,000 candela. 20,000 candela is actually pretty bad. Any half decent thrower can get 50,000 or more candela. 20,000 candela will only get you 280 meters of ANSI throw. That’s pretty bad seeing how narrow the focused beam is.

Jacob Miles says:

I got one at CVS for $19, its cool but I agree I do not like how it cycles throughout the modes every time you turn it off it can get annoying if I just need a light quick and I get strobe.

Weird Science says:

Yeah, did you take your meds b4 you shot this?

Hammer Home says:

5000 lux ? Bull shit , maybe 250

J Law says:

I got one to WITHOUT the O ring on the lens.Thats what makes it waterproof.Without the O ring it WILL LEAK!
I have to take mine back.

wayne murphy says:

This torch is seriously overpriced at 30 dollars. I bought the same light with a different brand name, Ultrafire. It also uses a cree led and has the exact same modes on the ui , I only paid £4 from a Chinese seller on eBay. The driver is garbage along with the switch. For 20 dollars you can get a convoy s2+ which is a great light or a convoy s8 which is a beast of a thrower or even the convoy l6 for around 50 and it pumps out 3800 lumens . Convoy are so well constructed and an absolute steal. I even own a zanflare f1 that cost only £24 which has over 1200 lumens, waterproof to 2m , impact resistant to a fall of 1.5m and also has onboard USB charging. The modes are great to. It also has a moonlight mode that goes to just 1 lumen which is a great feature to have. I have an old skyrayking too which I am about to upgrade with a new driver which I have ordered from mountain electronics. My advice is to do your research before you buy.

FOTZEL says:



where can you buy tactical battery’s?

LEVEL2270 says:

I have same light it’s a Shadowhawk X800 two for $20 bucks w/rechargeable batteries & charger. MUCH brighter than 3aaa batteries and last longer. 26650 5000mAh 3.7v batteries included.

Christine S says:

I noticed in this review there was an issue with it cycling through each time you turned it on. During the review that my local channel did they did not mention this and they would turn it on and off and I did not see it doing this. So perhaps the flashlight you used had a flaw? I will definitely check out this to see if it is an issue when I purchase this.

LEVEL2270 says:

I have same light it’s a Shadowhawk X800 two for $20 bucks w/rechargeable batteries & charger. MUCH brighter than 3aaa batteries and last longer. 26650 5000mAh 3.7v batteries included.

Dominic Goodspeed says:

Total Bullshit Light. Fucking Trash!

LEVEL2270 says:

I have same light it’s a Shadowhawk X800 two for $20 bucks w/rechargeable batteries & charger. MUCH brighter than 3aaa batteries and last longer. 26650 5000mAh 3.7v batteries included.


ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW!!! I have been prepping for 10 years or more! You will need LIGHT at NIGHT! Go to WALMART and buy 10 of those cheap 97 cent each solar lights! Put them out in the sun during the day and bring them inside when it gets dark! You can put them in a vause or pot to illuminate your table and always grab one to go into another room. They last nearly till dawn!

Derek Bennett says:

I bought this. I was disappointed

Dethmeister says:

What about risk of radiation though? Also terrorists could get one and break down it’s components to make a dirty bomb. Doesn’t seem very safe.

Lucky peeps says:

this flash light is good I put lithium battery 18650

Mountain Survival says:

Nebo makes much better compact flashlights….and ya don’t have to cycle through the modes everything you turn it off/on. Like most things, ya get what ya pay for.

Hazzy Harris says:

Mine is 3000 lumens

jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible says:

check out the hausbell 7v has low beem.hi and strobe.water resistant.drop resistant.has a belt clip glow in the dark rings and zoom for far distance work’s off one AA there’s a good review on YouTube that test all you want to know about it look up

paul willats says:

You don’t have to turn it on and off to get the modes you only have to tap the button gently.

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