Best and Brightest Cheap Flashlights / Luxpro Budget Light

Check out my EDC flashlight review of the Thrunite Ti3 Here:

You can never have too many flashlights! But no one wants to spend $100 or more on flashlights. Well you don’t have to, Luxpro makes a wide variety of high quality, durable LED flashlights at a very cheap price (Most under $30). Their flashlights range from from small EDC lights to large spotlights and come in various brightness levels and lumen counts. These are defiantly some of the Best and Brightest budget flashlights on the market. Check out this video for details.

Find these Luxpro Flashlights at Affordable Prices online at the link below: flashlight&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=e2a2894b432efc4fbb049065cfa4a0c5

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David Myers says:

Just know Low’s don’t like to take stuff back for a refund.

BrandonWendt2 says:

Modern AAA mini lights are over 100lm and the best pocket lights in my opinion.

Uriel1816 says:

I have the same sickness of flashlight addiction…lol

William Bryan says:

Best dam lights for the money. Found LP 600’S FOR $12.00.

rich5817 says:

My key chain flashlight is 1200 lumens, these are toys for kids

PilotPatriot says:

Quick note for you guys that like the big LP490, luxpro is now making the 490 in a 480 lumen version. You can still find the old 650 lumen ones in stores but not on their website.

John Chapman says:


David Mercado says:

Anybody know how to fix the bulb on the LP490 ( the big one ) I got it and while screwing off the top the LED bulb broke very easily and fell into the dirt and was forever lost

FreakzRitual says:

Great video if anyone needs some recommendations let me know i have over 90 lights

markthegrand says:

Geiter done!

That boy Kenny says:

I have a big difference me to its a max 2D LXII

Anime4 Mii says:

I use 40 lumen mini mag 3aaa best for home use which is still bright for power out or whatever!

but when im on the go 272 maglite 2AA well do the job….

Chris Henson says:

check out my flashlight review i did a comparision on the nebo edge vs the luxpro 200 and 280 they are such a great light

The Merry Man says:

3:00 Find your dog, if you don’t blind it first.

james palmer says:

Dude these lights seriously suck! Spend some cash and get a real flashlight, get a Nitecore, my nitecore is 1000 lumins and smaller than all of these

Galyouth says:

just spotin

Richard Ooteman says:

very good video, just sayin’

Edgar Hernandez says:

650 lumens! that’s weak!

Matthew Crews says:

they work great ive own many. they still worn

Zach Pauda says:

Great video man, I’ve been looking for some lights that were easier on the wallet and still great quality. Thanks.

md65000 says:

You actually convinced me to go out and get a $100 flashlight. I never thought of it before but if my dog gets out and I need a flashlight to find him, I don’t want some $30 600 lumen piece of crap. I want friggin 5000 lumens. My dog is that important.

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