BLF Q8 Flashlight Review. The 5200 lumen Budget Light Forum Beer Can Torch.

The BLF Q8 Flashlight, has been a long time coming- and this review examines, tests, and compares it to other big lumen torches. Several members of Budget Light Forum have been working with Thorfire on this for over a year and it was worth the wait. It has a cool ramping user interface and uses high quality Cree XP-L neutral white emitters. You’ll see a few other lights used here in my beamshot comparison section. Like the Manker MK34 with Nichia 219c emitters, the Olight X7 Marauder, the Notigon Meteor, the Convoy L6 and the Acebeam K30. If you’d like to buy the light get it at


Samsung 30q Batteries:


Build Thread:



Michael Jergens says:

HA! “Normal”? Overrated, IMO. BTW: Is there a special code to get a $40 price or was that a limited time special? That aside, great review on an excellent flashlight!

Gary Dioquino says:

Looks like my old supfire m6, same body style?

ropes channel says:

I’m at 9 second in and I must skip this video in fear of spoilers cuz I missed the last episode

The Shanester says:

Enjoyed your review, as usual

Khanh Gia says:

thanks for review, your son so cute <3

Ka Na says:

Thanks for the great content

And i love that your kids are in the video


Cool vid

Will Appleton says:

Hey thanks, I’ve been waitin’ on this! Great work as usual!

Chris Sproles says:

lol bud light over the seltzer… funny story I always told my daughter seltzer was beer when she was little…love the looks from the pediatrician when they would ask her what she liked to eat and drink

Dr. Tautology says:

I just ordered the olight m2r WARRIOR!!! WARRIOR!!!! I’m tactical as frig.

Charlie Doyle says:

Ain’t a dance party. Freekin hilarious.

Steve Kluver says:

Thanks Bro. I love this thing!
I thought we settled on using BEER cans from here on out. Not carbonated water cans!

I think my only complaint of this light would be. The switch is too bright (but even:)
And, the blink, once bumping up against the top level (end of ramping) is too brief. We often have trouble telling if we saw the blink or not.

Did yours come with an AR coated lens? Mine did not, and mine is about #1200.

polarweis says:

Great review.

EDC with Aaron says:

Will they have this available for $40 ever again? And which do you recommend this or the L6? Need to get my first beer light, kind of want thrower but also want lumens… Hard choice.

Daffa Wiratama says:

i always wonder, how can they make a good flashlight with a low price ?

Enzorox says:


mythrol says:

Who needs sleep anyway, time to watch a flashlight review!

TookErrrJerbs says:

Am I a tightass if the the most expensive flashlight I own is $20?

jordanZHP says:

Thanks for the review!

Chris Sproles says:

al Lou mini yum

ElyssaAnderson says:

I like to listen to your videos as I’m drifting off to sleep. (Because your voice is soothing, not boring).
Happy Halloween to you and your adorable shorty!

erlebo says:

Beer can flashlight, less filling.

EDC with Aaron says:

See the problem is since you mentioned it was $40 at one point, now ill never be willing to spend more than $40 for it… But if you hadn’t told me that I wouldn’t have cared!

mungo75 says:

Thanks Advanced Knife Bro dude, great review as always!

lowwkey91 says:

A UI so easy even a baby can use it. Those Bro’s at BLF can straight build a flashlight! Thanks for the reveiw Knife Bro!

Rebuswind says:

Banggood can no longer ship battery to Canada…I have no idea where to get those battery. I will just solder top my sony flat top…are you sure this will not work on flat top at all? mine is on the way to me…and I have yet find any battery that would work on those. forgot to say, Great video as usual. Now I am waiting for the GT….

Severator says:

I’m so happy you uploaded this today. I just ordered mine and I’m patiently waiting for it to get here while my buyers remorse slowly creeps up the back of my neck. Now I feel like I made a good purchase. Btw if anyone is interested I used the promo code M4DQ8. Still works. Should bring it down to around 45 bucks.

livevil0101 says:

Great review as always. Is the battery charger you linked worth nearly $20 more to have a screen over a cheaper charger?

Dan barb says:

only unprotected cells is a no go

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