Cave Exploring/ Olight Warrior M2R Flashlight Review!


Today we decide to put the Olight Warrior M2R flashlight to the test, by exploring a cave or abandoned tin mine. This light has 7 modes, the strongest being 1,500 lumens.

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45asunder1 says:

ain’t nothing wrong with a wowtac.

Steven Szabo says:

FINALLY a non-boring, non-typical flashlight review that shows practical uses and is entertaining. Well done!

jsaenzMusic says:

Outstanding video and loved the ambiance music as you went deeper and deeper into the cave. Appreciating your watch game, is it. Time?

NIGHT GUY 1024 says:

Can u do another of your recent everyday carry video I really love them also love your videos ❤️

cillaloves2fish says:

Looks nice!
Too pricey for me

Sheogorath Prince of madness says:

Ah good old caves. The best was to beat the heat unless it’s volcanic or one of the Crystal caves I’m Mexico.

shovelhead8 says:

Nice flashlight. But I don’t think you would have got me in that hole. Thank you for the video, James

Adri Ugalde says:

Love the fact you did something different. Caves are awesome!!! Loving the video. Keep up the amazing work.

47kcr says:

I very rarely watch flash light reviews because they bore me but gotta say… I was entertained! Good job.

Michele Explorer says:

wwwooooowwww beautiful flashligth …really strong !!! LOL

Rodimus Prime says:

i really enjoy your videos man. i hope i won’t have to need to use anything i learn form you,but if i do i’m glad i have watch them

Crackerz GD says:

Im loving this channel!

Fred Fleming says:

nice video james i just got a wowtac and really like it for the price

Survival Mindset says:

Awesome cave! That GSI pot was monetize would of grabbed it. The M2R is a sweet light.

Albert Reade says:

I’m a Klarus fan myself but good review , different, is that the NW or CW version looks Nw to me. I’m also from El Paso representing 915!

Robert Saxell says:

good cave music

Derek Breeden says:

Awesome video dude. If you are looking for more another cave there’s one in Rincon on the mountain. The side that faces I-25. It’s not too too big but it’s pretty cool.

Rick C says:

What an entertaining review for a flashlight, James. Very well done. 7 modes are too many in my book…3 max is all that’s needed, and typically 2 is all I ever use.

Ed Vickers says:

I loved my M2r. I lost it in my move when I got divorced and can’t find it. I will be buying another one soon though.

Adam Smythe says:

I like basic flashlights. USB charging just another circuit to go wrong. The magnetic port definitely a step up tho. Especially if like me, u already got tonne of rechargers & batteries.

I’d have taken the axe head & coffee pot — good scrap that 😉

Irish Zombie Nation says:

Brother, this was an excellent review. Showing this knife in use while exploring a cave was a great idea. I’ve had a few issues with mine as well, my thought is just because it’s too complicated. Even with the issues, this is still been my EDC flashlight for over 6 months now. I didn’t like that two-way pocket clip, so I replaced it with a pocket clip off of one of the earlier Olight baton series. Provide any more solid clip into my pocket. I wish they would just make this more simple. Turbo, hi, low, and moonlight mode. The strobe is entirely unnecessary. Nobody uses strobe but these flashlight manufacturers think for some reason we need it. Anyway, excellent review on an excellent flashlight.

Free America says:

That was really cool and a great demo of the light’s capabilities. The bats were cool from behind the computer screen, maybe not so cool from inside the cave.

WA says:

I hope you disinfected your boots. Don’t carry white nose into the bat caves.

J F says:

Great video….. thanks for sharing!

I love flashlights, but don’t have this one. I’m like you, 7 modes seems too much for me. My Fenix P35 Tac has 3 modes with a “self defense” bezel. I do like the magnetic re-charge feature on yours.

LazyGamer says:

New sub

Gipseygurl1 says:

One place to find cheetos 4:22

Craig Betts says:

bat attack at the 12:30 min mark lol , not a flashlight I would buy but it was a good review and demo….exploring the cave while using the flashlight made this a real cool video,thanks

Kaylynn Strain says:

I had to unsub then resub your channel because the notification bell was turned OFF, unsubbing then resubbing allows me to turn it back on again

David Canales says:

Excellent Video, how far did you go distance into the cave. Flashlight seemed to operate well.

Gus Tijero says:

Real quick question I’ve never seen you carry or say anything about guns what do you think about them

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

Fenix pd35 has a tactical mode, and a separate outdoor mode, you’d like it.

jjdogbutte says:

Great flashlight review, I really enjoy your videos! But, be careful exploring caves and old mines…besides rock falls, you can run into low oxygen environments without really noticing until too late. Heavy gases can settle into lower areas and displace oxygen. Buena suerte!

duke togo says:

Man 5 min that’s seems short and it gets hot . I couldn’t do it and spend that much on a flash light. great video again .

EDC Adventures says:

Great review. Awesome little cave exploration!

Landon Wills says:

genius concept for a flashlight review. loved it!

Izzythe Demon94 says:

im new here

Eka Darshan says:

Would not purchase. Not impressed. However I enjoyed the video.

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