Convoy S2+ flashlight review!

This is truly an affordable power house. Comes in several kelvins to suit your tastes. This one I used in the video are 6500k and 5000k. They performed very well and I recommend them over any flashlight at this price range! Please see below to purchase this light and use my discount code in the video to save some $$!×8-LED-Flashlight-p-954829.html?rmmds=search

I give this light a perfect 10! Beats any light from your local stores! Thanks for watching!


Sma 556 says:

Thank you for your great review. Take care.

DefMunkyYT says:

In case you haven’t found out yet, on low when the light blinks you can turn it off and that will put it in the second level of the menu. The first menu level has Low, Mid, and High, the second tier has Low, Mid, High, Strobe, and SOS. It’s just a way to configure the light as some people don’t like strobe or SOS. Makes it even more impressive for the price!

Paul George says:

I bought the blue one about 2 months ago and its been my go to light for almost every thing. Its one of the best on the market for the price.

munshi patahn says:

how to charge this light

Kashatnic K says:

You can count the driver chips to know the output, the 6×7135 and 8×7138 have chips on the back because there is no space otherwise. 4 on each side. 350ma each chip.

david57strat says:

Thanks for posting this excellent review!

I have several Convoy lights (including these S2+ units), and absolutely love them. They’re superbly made lights, for the money, and they come in a wide range of tints, and even body colors (Black, Blue, Green, Red). My personal favorite is XM-L2 T6 4C – a beautiful neutral tint.

In case you were curious – that blinking of the light (while in low mode, after about 15 seconds) is the way for you to change the interface, between 3 (low, medium, high), and 5 modes (low,medium, high, strobe, s.o.s.). For me, strobe and s.o.s. modes are not really necessary, in those particular lights, so i programmed them to work in 3-mode configuration.

To do this, put the light in low mode. As soon as it blinks, shut the light off. If you were in five mode, you’ll now be in three.

To switch back to whatever the mode was (3, or 4), follow the same procedure.

The mode memory brings the light back to whatever mode (low, medium, or high) setting you had on the light, as long as the light has been on, for 3 seconds, or longer. Otherwise, it just cycles up to the next mode, when turned on (or with a half press of the button, while on), next.

It’s equally important to get a high quality, safe, smart charger, to charge those high quality 18650 batteries. A not-so-great charger, could not terminate the charge properly, and overcharge the battery, which could lead to fire. XTAR and Nitecore make excellent quality chargers, in all price ranges. If anybody has a question about which would be the best bet, for your needs, please feel free to holler.

JasonWW2000 says:

It looks Banggood sent you a 7135×8 in 6500k and a 7135×6 in 5000k. I’m not sure why they did that.

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