Convoy S2+ Silver, 1000 Lumens for $20 – Flashlight Review

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The Convoy S2+ silver runs on one 18650 battery and provide you with 2 groups of modes, with or without strobe and SOS, which is actually very nice for EDC use. The light is well made, just like all convoy series, and the unique blue glowing ring around the tailcap switch is very useful for finding your light in the dark. Glow in the dark o-ring on the head too!

For a EDC Flashlight, $20, you cannot go wrong with this Convoy S2+ for sure, it’s a quaity light for a low price tag!

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Coupon: GB17LED ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )
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Master Sub says:

What happen to your head bro? Did you hit your head on something?

Levi Black says:

Thats a heck of a deal for that light. I’m impressed with how good cheap lights are getting these days. I remember a time not long ago(not long to me anyway) when even expensive surefire lights couldn’t produce 1000 lumens

Dinner-fork tongue says:

3/5 firmware? Ew. Gearbest really should have sent you the silver S2+ version that has the newer firmware, Biscotti (same as the silver C8), because that one is OUTSTANDING. And not just because it has moonlight mode either – it’s more efficient, has memory on OFF timer (so no risk of it behaving like next mode memory, or worse, changing mode groups if you only use it for a jiffy in low mode), changing, _and_ it has low voltage protection coded in, something this firmware in your S2+ here doesn’t have*.

Still, even so, Convoys are always a good deal, and to be fair I don’t mind 3/5 on my old C8 at all. But for EDC, where you’re turning the light at lower modes for just a few seconds, it’s not a big deal to dish out one more dollar to get a way better UI, is it?

*: although it has to be said, Biscotti doesn’t play nicely with that little light on the switch. So a trade-off, I suppose?

George Orozco says:

excellent review brother! Thank you! Question, what type of name brand battery would you recommend I get for this torch. I also am looking for a battery charger. Perhaps you can recommend a batterycharger package? Thanks!

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