Creepy Sounds Captured in an Abandoned Mine While Reviewing the ThruNite TN12 Flashlight

Disturbing, strange sounds. That’s exactly what I caught on video while filming and documenting the abandoned Waldeck Mine using the ThruNite TN12 flashlight. The Waldeck Mine is an abandoned gold mine located deep in a forested canyon in the high country. I went there on a stormy night in order to document the mine while reviewing and demonstrating ThruNite’s excellent TN12 handheld flashlight. The abandoned mine itself is over 150 years old and still has a lot of awesome yet dangerous timbering in its furthest reaches. There are upper levels in the Waldeck Mine, but I only explored and documented the main haulage tunnel.

As mentioned in the video, the ThruNite TN12 flashlight I used exclusively for this demo and review has five light levels. Here are the lumens each light level puts out:

FIREFLY MODE: 0.4 lumens
LOW MODE: 18 lumens
MEDIUM MODE: 175 lumens
HIGH MODE: 435 lumens
TURBO MODE: 1100 lumens

The flashlight runs off of a 3400 mAh 18650 battery.

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facundo chaires says:

Fuck Man! That was the fucken dévil talking to you! Crazy adventure!

Neytan says:

Зачем я смотрю это ночью!!! оО

azeroth lai says:

Im 24 year old but still cant become as brave as you to go in somewhere deep alone

Akoni Ah Yat says:

Nobody goes exploring at night in places like this for fun unless they are doing something fucked up.

GalaxinaFan says:

Why do I feel like I need to buy this flashlight?

Mark Futchll says:

Dude he held his composure better than I would by the heard that s*** it’s been like Baba m************

GuitarVampire93 says:

Whatever that was towards the end was clear as day. Still trying to decipher what it was saying. But that was definitely not wind. Keep up the good work

Maleah Glidewell says:

So… basically what I’m now convinced of or what I got from this, is that the ThruNite TN12 is so powerful that it keeps demons at bay in the shadows. Yea, I’m getting one. That thing is powerful, trustworthy and a rock solid investment.

The Dude says:

I can almost here the sound say “turn around”

Marko Inda says:

Sorry Frank it’s

Tina M. says:

“You cant see me, I’m a shadow. Turn it off.”

Borr Magilicutty says:

Kreepy whispers

Robby Rush says:

The spirit voices can be heard at section 12:09-13:15 in the video. Miners refer to them as “Tommy Knockers” which are thought to be spirits warning of impending doom. However, they are demons trying to get those in mines to make noise due to fear to create a cave-in so they can be trapped and die. I have also recorded spirits threaten me as well. My name is Robby Rush. Listen to them at

InTheFleshInc says:

Dang next time I want to join you and come with.

Lazy Daze says:

i dont know that didnt seem too scary to me…maybe im missing something

Shlomo Goldblatstein says:

Ghost: “Come to the darkness, I will consume yo- Hold on a second is that the ThruNite TN12 Flashlight?”

Marko Inda says:

Hey Frank contact me please

Mark Robinson says:

should have checked it out, it could have been someone calling for help!

TheLightBearer says:

Still life

Scarlet Moonlight says:

It’s probably fake but creepy nonetheless

Caden Ngo says:

It really sounds like people whispering, voices actually, at 12:20 sounds like they are saying “bannister, bannister, bannister”…….super creepy!

tom edmiston says:

Okay that is some seriously freaky ass shit. You should send that audio to someone who can enhance it and break it down. The mind will play tricks on you but clearly it sounds like someone whispering something and respecting it. It was the repetitious for it to be wind. But good job staying calm and telling yourself that it was something else because when people get scared and freak out then they are just putting themselves in more danger.

Brittany Rogers says:

Have you considered going back with people to explore further?

Thaief Ahmed says:

Dont go alone ,some of them are too powerful and might kill you. Its not just about fear.

Marko Filipovic says:

yep I watched this video before and its very scary

Kristie Gordon says:

I geared wispering

Robbie Smith says:

Folks, I’ve worked in and out of the coal mines in southern Appalachia quite a bit over the years, and as a former coal miner watching this, there’s some things you need to know about working below the Drip Mouth of a mine:
1. It is quite normal, very normal actually, to hear things back in a mine shaft. Normally you don’t hear the noises until it’s dinner time when they shut off the machines and everyone sits down at the ‘dinner hole’ back in the mine, but we all know (as coal miners) that there’s more activity going on in the mine besides our activity, and we often choose to ignore it.
2. It is a common thing to hear things, see lights that aren’t supposed to be there, hear voices that aren’t supposed to be there, and even see an Orb from time to time. Most of the men who work in the mine accept it and just go about their job, though I admit, it gets creepy back in the shaft when you’re very far down in to the mountain sometimes. I never feared it because other miners were always right there with me, and there’s safety in numbers – most of the time.
3. Tommyknockers: We had an unfortunate accident in one of our mines years ago, and a miner lost his life when the shaft he was working in collapsed in on him. We called in rescue and tried to get him out, but he was so far back into the shaft with his equipment, we couldn’t get to him. He died back there, and it was a tragic horrible accident. The mine company (Eastern) decided to just brick up that part of the shaft and leave him in there, and to this day he is in the shaft, though passed on, and entombed in the mine.
4. Our dinner hole was close to the entrance of that shaft, though it was bricked over, and I admit.. There were times.. yes, you could almost ‘hear’ that man back in that shaft hitting the wall with a chisel of some kind, or a hammer. I was far from the only one to hear that, and the grown men, family men, who I had my dinner with at 3am back in the mine would get a little frightened at times. We moved our dinner hole after a while because it was too unsettling to eat there for most of us.
5. We would often see Orbs just fly by out of nowhere down the mine shaft, and there was never a shift that I wasn’t glad to see the dawn of the morning and I’d get out of the mine. It’s scary enough down there, not knowing if each shift will be your last, and I was never ‘really afraid,’ but there were times, I confess, it was just eerie down in the mountain, and none of us miners ever felt alone down there.
6. The mine I am referring to is now completely closed and shut down, and has been for well over a decade, but I often think of that man who is still buried back under the mountain, and I wonder if he is still Tommyknocking on the walls back there.
– from southern West Virginia.

Tim Baker says:

How’d he even fit through the entrance with those massive balls between his legs?

Kris Roberts says:

Its sounds electronic but as someone who knows this stuff exists this could definitely be something malevolent!

Sgt Boz says:

Oh Hell no…

Dillon van Koningsbruggen says:

No idea what it is/if it be hoax or not but can’t rlly be an EVP if he can actually hear it real time n at all ryte? should be disembodied voice(s). i’ve nrrr heard DVs liek that… O.O

Pratt Vega says:

Something is not right out there at that mine! People barely know what is behind the scene

Pratt Vega says:

You deserve 1 million subscribers

Omar Espinoza says:

When I was a kid I use to hear ghosts coming from my parents bedroom all the time


This is clearly English, so probably the ghost of some old 19th century worker.

Smith x says:

Jason Graham

Ohio fish1 says:

Those were voices of demons

XXXHoodooXXX says:

I heard “get out,” “Faaassssterrrr faaaaassssterrrrr.” Nope! F that! Those snakes can speak English.

Kristie Gordon says:


SlothOnMercury says:

I like how people are trying to say it’s wind. It was windy as hell out. The whole first ten minutes not one voice can be heard. There’s no way the wind just started talking deeper in the mine shaft.

Robert story says:

It sounds kinda like turn around turn around?

Lori Rogers says:

Why do you go at night?? You must not be afraid of very much LOL there is no way you get me in there especially at night!

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