Elzetta Alpha Single Cell Flashlight Review (HD)


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shdowhunt60 says:

Hey, what kind of light mount do you like to use on your AK’s without quads? Do you use the RS regulate mount?

Sneakywakiki says:

Here come the tripod rights crowd.

Jonny Alpha says:

Looks great—I’m absolutely ordering one now!

jriv454 says:

Looks like this will be my next light purchase.

oogabooga72 says:

you should have done the night wall test using your neighbor’s house instead =P

Logan says:

Apparently they have upgraded the Alpha. 100 more lumens and allegedly 10% longer run time.

calcagno4545 says:

Hands up! Don’t shoot! Always pointing the muzzle at me….

Howjadoo22 says:

So, strictly as a weapon-mounted light – This, or the Inforce WML?

Cilantrillo Sofrito says:

Just ordered!  Thanks for the review!! 

Nutinwrkz says:

Same great review I’ve come to expect. “Weekend Operator” GREAT!


Great review

Emmanuel Mata says:

Looking for a flashlight for my AR I’m sold on this one, awesome review, so what type of battery did u use meaning the brand on the ice block test? Thanks

M85FSLUVR says:

Do these come with (or available separately) a tape switch? And, are they made here in the US? Thx

Darryl Young says:

Do you use rechargeable’s in your alpha?. Thanks.

meangreen816 says:

Have you by chance tested out the tape switch that goes with the Elzetta line?  I’m really thinking about grabbing one of these.

Alan Jones says:

Is that the elzetta zrx mount too?

Det Mer says:

Im also in NC next time im around Charlotte i race your Mustang against my 11 SS 😀

Vic Vinegar says:

Question about the tail cap. I have the Charlie series and love it. I actually use it as an EDC pocket light (I do night shifts at a park so I like all the lumens). I got the rotary tail cap so I can press for momentary or twist for constant. I have noticed that, for momentary, you don’t need to press directly down on the tail cap but you can apply lateral pressure from the side of the tail cap housing to activate it. I like this when I’m using it but when it’s in my pocket it will briefly come on when I’m getting in and out of a truck or bending down for something. Have you noticed this happening with the click tail cap? And does it work with lateral pressure like I described? I may have to switch tail caps. Top notch lights tho and good review as always.

kiltmosher101 says:

Great job, been waiting for this one! Excellent use of the rain effect, per usual, in the intro. I have yet to expand the collection of lights into the elzetta brand, but damn the alpha finally brings the price down to earth a little bit. How is the TN12 holding up, btw? I find it to be my go-to house light these days.

AR556NATO says:

+Mrgunsngear Channel Just wanted to say thank you for all the great videos. The first video of yours I watched was how to clean and lube the AR. I didn’t know a lot about mine when I got it, but learned from you how to take care of it. Thanks again and long live the Constitution of the United States!

TheMetalHeaD256 says:

I asked TWANGnBANG on his Inforce EWL (or ELW or whatever it is… too lazy to check) video about flashlights with a good lumen count and he mentioned Elzetta.  I think he’s switched me to these.  They’re barely more expensive and seem like a huge upgrade from the Inforce.  Thanks for an informative review.

Ron Bodsford says:

Fantastic review as always!!! I am an authorized Elzetta dealer and your review is spot on. I have sold Streamlight and Pelican and without a doubt the Elzetta is the crème de la crème. Elzetta tactical flashlights are hands down the best light out there (in my humble opinion). Their mounts and other accessories and top of the line as well. All Elzetta products are 100% made in the USA with 100% USA material.

Lou Flores says:

Good review thanks, you review quite a bit of these lights in your opinion which gives you the most bang for the buck?

acyoun4 says:

Kentucky made!!!! I wish they had a local store front. You won’t hear anyone say anything negative about an Elzetta!

Kyle Ruby says:

Any plans to review that vortex viper pst?

Nicholas Inclan says:

Did Cory and Erika make it out to the Iraqveteran8888 shoot? hahaha


Great review, and thanks for mentioning my daughter. She will be really excited to watch this. 🙂

Lul Lipop says:

What light do you have mounted to your home defense rifle?

Z says:

Just ordered the Alpha 312…can’t wait to get it! I have a bunch of lights…some junk, some streamlights, an inforce and a surefire. Really excited to see this acrylic lens. Initially just gonna use it to walk the dog, but I imagine it will find its way onto my AK. Great review as always.

BreakingMoto says:

dude! bro! shining that light through the camera in my face totally got sand in my vagina!

Austin Colomaio says:

I could see your cameraman shaking in fear when you pointed that gun at em… poor poor tripod 😉

invictaization .gary.g says:

can you change out the battery from the front? i plan on putting a light inside my manticore hand guard on the tavor it has the bayonet mount.looking for a light that i want have to remove the bayonet mount, on the tavor.

jacob manalang says:

im on elzetta watch 2015, had to compare this vid to your video about the bravo. ive ruled out the charlie but if thats the one i get thats okay too! m60 or avs head i dont even care anymore haha, i just want one!

i was super interested in an e1d and glad you had it in the vid, but i think im more partial to the alpha now.

GA-Armory-Channel says:

What’s a good (i.e. trustworthy) online source for Elzetta lights? I’m having trouble finding them. I want the crenulated bezel with the Hi/Low option

LuckyBassThumb says:

Very cool light, great review!

Ceth Dawson says:

Is that the vortex viper 1-4x on your rifle? How do you like the scope compared to a rd+magnifier? Awesome review too. Keep it up!

DC Rickerson says:

Nice review, thanks.

Ian Wolfe says:

Frozen in a block of ice for two weeks and still works!!! Wow that’s seriously impressive! Nice review man!

Seyha Seyha says:

It very good

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