Emisar D4 Flashlight Review. A $40 3300 lumen EDC- one of the smallest brightest torches ever.

The Emisar D4 flashlight is smaller than a Zebralight but has a burst mode nearly twice as bright. At over 3000 lumens on turbo it is probably the brightest and smallest production torch you can buy. The light can be adapted for several different sizes of lithium ion rechargeable (vape) batteries, to make it even more small and compact. This review covers tests runtimes, operation of the user interface, measures brightness levels, and shows the Emisar in use at night. I also have a big flashlight beam shot comparison in the review that compares the Emisar to several popular flashlights like the Nitecore MH20Gt, the Zebralight SC600 mk IV, the SC5, the Olight S2 copper, and the Astrolux S41. This light was made by the same company that manufactures the Noctigon Meteor and can be bought at the following websites:

Intl Outdoor (China & Worldwide): https://intl-outdoor.com/emisar-d4-high-power-led-flashlight-p-921.html
Mtn. Electronics (US): http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=855
A good charger can be found here: http://amzn.to/2FQFE5Q
Samsung High Drain 30Q Batteries here: http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_88&product_id=543

Thread over on Budget Light Forum: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/55306

Thanks for watching Advanced Knife Bro!


Ordinary everyday guy says:

Excellent review despite the fact that you omitted a link for the sex shop.

Paul George says:

I had really debated on getting this or the astrolux. Awesome bid man.

bRad 1967 says:

I’m starting to miss the Douk Douk, you should include it in your next review just because.

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

You are truly the Advanced Flashlight Bro.

Snared says:

Thank god now I can finally unsubscribe ecks dee

Jonathan Jennings says:

This guy is funny as shit

ScrewYouTwice says:

As directed, reporting back, I like the beam on the D4 most bestest. Ramping is cool. But that much juice in a light that small, just not my cup of tea. Great review and I appreciate the comparison of beams between so many lights.

John Grammaticus says:

I thought we were friends by now and you’re making me buy yet another flashlight? How am I supposed to explain it to the missus? Boirut RJ 02 arrived last week, Skilhunt HO3 arrives tomorrow and now this? Dude, I’m not like one of those flashlight junkies, the only reason why I bought a second BLF A6 last month is because I needed a secondary always-short one for some things. This is not a hobby, it’s basic needs, one Astrolux S01 or Lumintoop Tool per pair of pants for efficiency and that BLF Q8 was once a year fun buy for christmas, Black Diamond headlamps are for mountaineering and bike lights don’t count obviously. Do not imply I have a flashlight problem, the rest of them are over a year old including that one lonely ancient Surefire Backup. I AM FINE, I AM NORMAL.

Rafael says:

Another awesome review! thanks man!! I’ll be waiting for your new Zebralight’s review!

badmongo says:

I found a new B and E light, you pretty much nailed that review.

Thetinebroken says:

Blf gt when??

Magneticitist says:

When analyzing a split screen of beam shots, one must determine a favorite by figuring out which one seems like it would be the least likely to be hiding a ninja you may not have noticed.

Steve B says:


Daffa Wiratama says:

good one, glad to see this channel reviewing flashlights again

Finn Green says:


Flip on a …

Porch light

And basement fort light…

polarweis says:

You chose the right leds:) really like the color. And xpl hi will cook an egg while the egg is behind a wall and the light is off lol

khonsmosis says:

Honestly who tf do you think u are

ParabolH says:

A flashlight review. What? I didn’t think you still did those. Good to see a flashlight review though. Keep up the great work

Paul Google says:

Yay a flashlight review! Please do review your new Zebralight also.

matt peter says:

I’m getting the xp-l hi 5000k version. ….bro

Stutterin` Bob says:

Have you ever ran all your flashlights at the same time? I bet the heat would alter weather patterns and signal aliens.

tnprime says:

bro needs a headlight at 5:38 tho…

Jameson Cross says:

Very funny. I was sober and I watched the whole thing. . . . . .DISCOUNT!

wojomojo says:

ok, someone points me to a tutorial or dummy’s guide to flashlight selection, criteria, hacking, terminology, etc.. I didn’t understand half of what Bro was talking about.

Iraya Marga says:

Great review! But I am basically using headlamps way more than any handheld, so I wonder If you have ZL H600Fc MkIV or H600Fd and what is your opinion on those two or any new ZL MKIV headlamps (review?). Thanks

ThisSpotRules! says:

Another great AKBMH production sir! Did you notice any flower pedals from the quad emmiters? Looked pretty smoove on our end. Nice light if it was 18650 for $40 otd….but after options, it starts knocking on ZL’s door.

Sn says:

This light seems like a good replacement for my missing Zebralight SC600 mk3. Cool move going with the cyan, nice to have something other than black and grey for a change. Thank you for the review, as always a job well done 🙂

Steve Kluver says:

Thanks Bro!
A good vape shop, is a great source. For quality batteries.
I never did get one of these. I probably should.

I’ve forgotten. Do you have the Nitecore EC23?

EscapeTheIndoors says:

In olden times it was said that if a warrior flashlight eats the batteries of their defeated enemy flashlight then it becomes more powerful #bythepowerofThorFire

Thetinebroken says:

LOL the entertainment here

MrZlooze says:

Sex shop batteries are similar to gas station sushi in that their inherent flaws are realized at the worst possible time.

Dr. Tautology says:

My 2 year old son, “no like this movie, daddy.”

Benjamin Poirier says:

Your fan base from Michigan is your best fanbase…. nuff said.

macmurfy2jka says:

Nice light.

Old Ben says:

Ahh finally, I got the floody/blurry optic for the extra softness of beam, nothing can soften a 3,000ish lumens inside a room!!!
If you need your hands free while doing things, use a headlamp. My dentures almost came off biting on that light.

SnarkyPosters says:

Finally, now I have another review to s̶p̶a̶m̶ post on r/flashlights. Yea!

666t666t666t says:

very illuminating bro

viewlesscheese5 says:

It may seem pointless but since the Emisar has the option to take smaller batteries, why not do an extra video covering 18500 and or the 18350 versions?

Troy's Flooring Solutions says:

Bro I jusy love your Fukin videos. Should I buy this light or wait for your zebra review ? I want a small light close to this price with good throw not just flood with the capability to jump up to a very high lumen for a few seconds. I already have the H2R at 2200lm it’s to flood. I want it first to show off to friends and they’ll say HOLY shit that’s bright but mainly so I can spot animals and things further away then say my headlights on my 4wheeler or suv will reach.

Panther Bladerunner says:

Are there enough lumens in this light to help me find the stock market?

MinikuiOtoko says:

I want the XHP50 zebralight, I love the XHP tint on my WW armytek!

Thetinebroken says:

I am an idiot I have 5 of these

Chayavat Mokarakorn says:

I want one but with a properly fitted clip.

Megs Maquito says:

Nice variable power.

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