Every MAN should carry this flashlight (Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA review)

A tactical flashlight is one of the BEST EDC tools you can carry.

The Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA is the best current choice IMO


Cappazone 1 says:

a AAA battery will run it too.

Spider Watson says:

Where are they made? Thx.

High Altitude Productions says:

I am a sucker for streamlight. Their craftsmanship is top notch. I just picked up the Streamlight pro-tac. It’s the perfect size for an everyday light.

Steve Johnson says:

I carry a streamlight ProTac 2L X500 and it is one of the best ive ever owned. Capable of using 2 different type of batteries and the capacity of the battery is awesome.

Dutch Prepper says:

Then I shall be known as : a woman …

Bob McGarry says:

I carry a nitecore p-12 ( latest version) 1100 lumens on high. it has SOS, Strobe and locator beacon mode. I have also seperated crowds with mine but I never had to use it in a defense situation.

Doug S says:

Streamlight is so overpriced for what you get. I have a Astrolux S41S that blows my ProTac out of the water for the same price. Hell, my Sofirn SP10B kills my ProTac for half the price. I stopped buying Streamlight and Surefire years ago. Other companies like Olight, Nitecore and Klarus to name a few, make way better flashlights. Great review!

Mr Guzman says:

Nebo Slyde +

Bartosz Olszewski says:

While you can get 600+ lumens with cheap 18650 convoy so I don’t see a point.

Danny Day says:

How do you like the 2 X 500 lumes stream light

My Quickjab209 says:

Will this light run , on a 14500 recharge

Adam Newman says:

You can buy 40 cr123’s in bulk online. For 41.00 that works out to around 1dollar each

Geno Burgess says:


Paul Narciso says:

is this flashlight able to use rcr123a rechargable batteries?

kray brother says:

Surefire sells itself no comparison, you don’t see Bentley commercials now do you? It’s a reason for that

Angelo SoulOfALion says:

Haha “blind someone and bang em” I don’t support this.

Jersey Paul says:

Blind someone and bang them…LOL! I love it! A good sucker punch!

Nicholas Fernandez says:

I just saw this vid on another channel I subbed to that one and ill sub to this one

Mr G says:

The cheesy pocket clips will be the downfall of Streamlight and Surefire.

multisomebodyelse notme says:

did anyone see a test ?:(

Informed citizen says:

If you use a lithium AA will it improve run times over an alkaline AA?

Nunya Bidniss says:

Heck even the 28 Lumen Microstream can blind ya:)
I know’cause I’ve pointed it at myself!,Lol

Keen Beams says:

I don’t understand why people are such fans of Streamlight and Surefire. You really pay for the name and they aren’t bright at all. Most importantly they have the worst battery capacity in the industry. It’s like buying a Lamborghini and getting a Kia honestly. CR123 and RCR123 really need to die so these companies will stop using them. I personally prefer Fenix, Nitecore, Thrunite, Acebeam and Klarus(they’re getting better than they used to be). They have every feature that SF and SL has and aren’t plagued by horrible battery life and poor brightness and are at a much better price point. Surefire and Streamlight are just stuck in the past and need to get with the times especially for the premium price tag. But you know what they say about opinions. That is just mine.

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