Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition 1000 Lumen Flashlight Review

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The updated #fenix #PD35 #Tactical is one hell of an #EDC LED flashlight. At 1000 lumens on “Turbo” mode it’s like turning on the sun lol. Its jut a great all around flashlight thats super powerful and stupidbright!

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Nick Case says:

Do you have an 18650 recommendation? And possibly a charger? There’s a lot of options out there and I’m new to this.

Omar Cervantes says:

Is that rechargeable???

george ishikawa says:

Just tested mines today. Awesome stuff, just make sure to hold the mold button for 5sec to activate the different power usage. It’s blinding for sure!!

Jason Townsend says:

the 20$ Duracell 1000 lumen flashlight is brighter that

Paul Moore says:

I’ve had a Leatherman Serac S3 flashlight for 7 years now and have dropped the shit out of it multiple times, from way higher than 3 feet and it still works flawlessly. Unfortunately they don’t make them anymore and impossible to find. It has 3 brightness settings, but has no where near the lumen output of flashlights made nowadays.

brosrcool says:

I know this is going to sound like a stupid question would you consider that flashlight to be more spotlight flashlight or flood light flashlight?

Gordon Kennedy says:

Best review of tac lites i have seen… and I’ve seen a lot

Great Job!

I have returned my olight s30 r II due to charger and battery issues (I,m not the only one!)

I think the Fenix PD35 is now my best choice … based on my research and this Review in particular.

I know what my next Light will be.

Thanks again

Yootjoob says:

If you choose between Surefire and Fenix, what will it be???

David Benjamin says:

Bruh..did the flashlight do that to whatever that is on the top of your head?? Bwahahahahah!!

Austin Engelken says:

what pressure switch would work for this light?

Crazy Aces says:

has there been any upgrades or newer similar to this model since?

Andrew Kliss says:

Is the tail switch rubberized or straight metal?

Joseph Mckay says:

Your light test is incorrect for the time you said.
For the turbo mode, it only lasts for max 2 -3 mins.
the light overheats and causes it to go into the next lower mode.
The box says it lasts that long, but reality proves it doesn’t. do the test and you will prove it to be false.

Rullin says:

rubber switch…awesome flaslight.

ricky rice says:

Just bought mine on Amazon. Your was awesome. I wish I would have seen it before I bought it. Great review. Thanks…It was perfect.

Caique Costa e Silva says:

is it waterproof?

LordGandor3 says:

Is there a tail stand add on available or maybe a water bottle cap would work ?

Steve Vitali says:

How does it compare to the nitecore MH20GT?

SoyGacho says:

How much?

Louis Lee says:

if you had to choose. which model would you choose. 960 vs 1000 isn’t much. price wise is about 12 bucks different. I have the 2014 edition and I didn’t see a need to upgrade.

Chuck Spidell says:

How hot does the exterior of the flashlight get when it’s on turbo? I need something for foot patrolling our neighborhood sidewalks. So 40′-60′ distances.

Don Quixote says:

how does this xp-l in the new pd35 compare to another 1000lm light with the old u2 led? is the xp-l noticeably brighter?

zacatecano1986 says:

How does it charge the battery ? My friend has the older model and it charges via usb

Brian Taylor says:

I just bought this for my EDC..It was time to upgrade from my Nebo Redline..

Ron Theman says:

Does it come with any batteries?

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