FiTorch MR35 Multi-Color Hunting Flashlight Review 1200LM Red Blue Green

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Reno Yin says:

1200 Lumens is fake advertisement. CREE XP-L bulb can’t reach more than 1000 Lumens in practical use.


That’s a pretty awesome light flippin party at the camp light lol a lot of punch for a small package.

Husseinrhl says:

Love the vid, and we need a sak video thanks for sharing

nick sweeney says:

But… That center Deadzone in Colored Mode! Unadjustable??

Majin Gojira says:

Hey man.In my amateur blade research I’ve developed an interest in Barongs. Wikipedia says Barong blades varied between 14-22 inches in length. I haven’t managed to find a photo of a 22 inch Barong blade and am wondering if that length would be too difficult to wield. Kampilan and Kris swords both come way longer but it’s easier for them as they have less blade width.

John Smith says:

Its a flashlight not a torch…

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

My review of the FiTorch MR35, a 1200LM flashlight that has 4 more colors of light, with a variety of applications such as hunting, fishing, tracking, and forensics. Enjoy 😀

anotherrandomtexan25 says:

Man have you ever heard or seen anything creepy out there after sun down? Looks pretty creepy! Then again ig any amount of wilderness is looks creepy when its dark!

dandandatreeman says:

always a great review sir!

Stephen O'shea says:

Not too sure, not into the big dark spot with colours and too many flashy modes, pointless access to strobe. Like the review though as always, off subject but a question relating to victorinox sak’s. How does cadet alox blade length compare to a 91mm plastic scale model? and is the backspring any stronger than the above mentioned ?(like it is on pioneer alox) thanks.

Stephen barone says:

Thinking of ordering the fitorch er16. Has anyone used it?

Majin Gojira says:

Thanks man. You’ve given me the permission and confidence to go berserk 😀

ScrewYouTwice says:

I have one of these. I bought it because I got a great deal on it. The colored lights have a huge dark spot in the middle. This can clearly be seen in your video. My advice save your money and get something with decent colored LED’s, like a Nitecore. As a owner of this lights I could not recommend it to anyone, unless they got it very cheap. It really is not of much use.

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