Flashlight POWERRRR – Streamlight HL-X and Thrunite TN36 review of sorts

Streamlight HL-X – http://amzn.to/2gwpu6Z
Thrunite C2 (battery thing) – http://amzn.to/2yHjou9
Thrunite TN36 – http://amzn.to/2gEPGjj
Olight S1R – http://amzn.to/2xfBkZI
TAD Field Shirt – https://tripleaughtdesign.com/shop/catalyst-field-shirt/

Way more flashlights on the market than I could possibly test out – but here are a couple of my favorites, the Streamlight HL-X and the Thrunite TN36. The HL-X is a great (a little larger than I prefer) EDC light for when you need good power and lots of candela to push through. The Thrunite TN36 is just a powerhouse of a light that will give you a wall of light and basically turn night into day. The Thrunite C2 is just a handy device that will charge your cellphone and also give you a backup 18650 for whatever device might need it.

Joby GorillaPod – http://amzn.to/2swvvVI
Lumix G7 – http://amzn.to/2saaWkP
Wireless lapel mic – http://amzn.to/2uubSRw
Rode Mic – http://amzn.to/2sP4FeA
Rode windscreen thing – http://amzn.to/2sPdYet

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Shannon Keith says:

thurnite tc 10 v2 is good 1000 lumens for 65 bucks recharble micro USB Olights gun lights and EDC are awesome and Nitecore

swampk9 says:

6 people don’t care about illumination

Isaac Ragsdale says:

Can any 18650 battery go with the charger thing? Or do they have to be the thrunite battery’s?

Jiye Song says:

Try out the Surfside Tactician designed by James Yeager,

Jarrid Gordon says:

lol Do you think you can make a gun holster with a spot for a flashlight just like an extra mag?

Joseph Reyes says:

Ramble on brother!!

Calvin Brown says:

You aren’t rambling dude! I realy learn alot from ya

sdenow SDN says:

If you just need a mini flashlight, this mini flashlight is the key length of 2/3 (1.65 inch) and can usb rechargeable https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y5FQ3NY

Jeremiah Kortbein says:

Checkout the Olight M2R Warrior (Tactical) & the Rofis TR10 (EDC) Two great lights I want to get my hands on!

I carry my Revolver In single action says:

Love your videos bro. Wish YouTube still paid you guys.

gtslow7 says:

I have carried the Protac HL for 1.5 years and the HL-X for the last 2 months (EVERYDAY). Only reason I upgraded was for the 18650 compatibility. Plus higher lumens from the X and deeper pocket clip. Its really hard to beat this light. I just ordered a Thyrm for mine.

Jose Salvador says:

Important information often comes from rambling…js

Mason Gennardo says:

I 100% agree with your thoughts on rechargeable batteries. I wish surefire would make a nice self defense light, or at least a nice utility light that takes an 18650.

madison hively says:

Do a video on carry ammo!

PRproduct says:

Get the olight pl mini

RolexDSSD says:

Solid vid bro!! Legit lights!!

Kevin Myers says:

Do a video showing all your flashlights.

I carry my Revolver In single action says:

Check out the new Olight warrior. Tail cap and all. Very nice

Christopher Glover says:

have you tried the thrym switchback for that streamlight? it’s an awesome replacement for that clip you don’t like! check it out! https://thyrm.com/product/switchback-2-large-flashlight-ring/


Wait…so which one is better, THIS light featured here or the Olight X7R Marauder at 12,000 lumens? The two body designs look nearly identical. https://youtu.be/wW_3pwLP8gs

Bradley Watson says:

Enjoyed the video but the jacket is clean man lol what is it?

John VCOV says:

“Chode” winning

orion45acp says:

The HLX is supposed to work with a Thyrm, but it seems like it would be hard to use with that recessed button.

Eli Blakley says:

When rechargable batteries die, do they die all at once, or do they get dim before dying?

Game 7 Win says:

I carry the HLX on duty, its an awesome light! I carry it with a 18650 and then I have a back up in my lunch box…havent needed the back up yet! I take the 18650 out every couple shifts and top it off just to be sure since I primarily work night shifts lol

Bliksem Klat says:

One thing missing on both is being able to charge the batteries without having to remove them, find the charger, bla bla bla.
Klarus XT12GT magnetic side charging – Wont go back to removing them.
Great reviews mate, keep up the good work.

joey juarez says:

Great vid, I’ve had the the baton S1R as a primary for about a year or so. Reliability and efficiency is across the board in everything I’ve put it through. The only love/hate factor has been the length. Great at getting lost in the pocket and reducing bulk, but lacking in a full grip. Had a chance to check out the Olight M2R yet? I’ll be swapping over soon, but I’m think the addition of length and tail switch may satisfy my edc for a while. Keep up the awesome feed bud, and loving all the vehicle/truck carry/camping gear and reviews.

postingwhateveriwant says:

Surefire Tactician review in the future would be cool.

ThePoopfacemegee says:

aside from the skeletool, what is a good budget knife for EDC? (id prefer open assist tanto style with a serrated blade and it has to have a pocket clip)

Vince Martinez says:

So many different 18650 batteries out there with different mAh. Is there one you recommend?

M Swarfield says:

Hey another awesome vid, any chance of a review of the Olight M2R Warrior? Already have the Olight S1R Baton thanks to your review on your edc.

Jordan Yang says:

Love streamlght.

I have edc’d a protac Hl for 2 years now.

r1413 says:

Anker has a 900 lumen flash light for around $36 bucks and uses 18650

GldenRetriever says:

Love your flashlight videos (and your videos in general). I EDC the thrunite C2 with a little USB cable in the sheath that comes with it and I love it. Its nice to charge my phone when I don’t have a place to charge it and with my BLF A6 ($25, 18650, 1400-1600 lumen, unknown candela and lux). I’ve been wanting to pick up the HL-X Railmount for a while for my SBR as-well as the standard HL-X, but I’m not sure how that and my BLF A6 would compare (different reflector and larger head on the HL-X). My BLF A6 I use pretty much every day during my work and when my old black dog decides not to come in at night (13 acres in the middle of nowhere). I’d love to rock the TN36 though, but I can’t see myself dropping that much cash on it.

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