Flashlight Review: BLF A6 Astrolux S1 (1200+ Lumens) Budget $30 LED Torch (Brightest EDC size 2016)

This review is for the community sourced BLF (Astrolux S1) A6 LED flashlight- which is possibly the brightest and cheapest ($29.99) stock EDC ever, or of at least 2015. It’s also my pick for the best budget flashlight of the year. This light was developed by members of Budget Light Forum, and is a single Cree XPL LED light that pumps out over 1200 actual lumens. Check out these threads for more details. Also the light has been renamed the Astrolux S1, but all reports indicate the internal parts of the light are exactly the same.

Main Thread: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/36667
Mod thread: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/41726
Instructions: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/trunk/view/head%3A/ToyKeeper/blf-a6/blf-a6.txt

To buy it, check out my blog at blog.ihavealight.com. Where I have product links to recommended batteries and chargers for this awesome flashlight. Buy the light below for about $29.99 using a coupon code (it may expire at any time, sorry).


Use coupon code: GBLFA6SE for the discount.

Or you can get the rebranded version called the Astrolux S1 that comes with a short battery tube:


Need 18650 batteries? http://www.banggood.com/1pcs-LG18650HG2-3_6V-3000mAh-20A-Rechargeable-Lithium-Battery-p-984326.html?p=2U2815210157201306BD

Need 18350 batteries for the short tube? http://www.banggood.com/1PCS-Keeppower-IMR-18350-3_7V-750mAh-Electronic-Cigarette-Battery-p-981561.html?p=2U2815210157201306BD

Need a charger? http://www.banggood.com/XTAR-VC2-Plus-Smart-Battery-Charger-With-LCD-Screen-Display-p-992014.html?p=2U2815210157201306BD

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Balifreak23 says:

would this work good as a gun light for an ar15. If so, how much for replacement if most common parts brake?

songyot thongsai says:


Steve Kluver says:

This flashlight is on sale this weekend only, if anyone is interested? For $18.95 usd and Free Shipping. It currently has a 4.9 out of 5 Star rating!
> http://bit.ly/2qMyvN6

Nitsan Bornstein says:

Henni wondered whether you could assess the temperature at the place you were checking the time of the flashlight. I wonder what temperature the flashlight has managed to work on the sixth step for nearly two hours without a step down.

Nick Frye says:

Until 5:35 I thought this was a bright tool used to cut wood. Ohh well glad I watched the review first!

c0r0y says:

What is the runtime at 70 Lumen?

SofaKingWeTarded says:

Three Philosophers is delicious.

KraKra says:

Hey! I am reading a lot of forum s*** where people saying Astrolux S1 have improved driver compare to BLF A6. Is that really the case? I would like to buy one of this and as far i checked spec list (could be i missed something) to be they are the same light….maybe you know better. 🙂 thx for replay.

Hiếu Phạm Trung says:

Can i ask you this question?
How many lumens A6 produce in strobe mod ?

Jad Pope says:

Great review, enjoyed it! Let me ask you a question, would you even recommend buying the higher output battey for this torch if one already has plenty of 18650 batteries laying around? I didn’t see a great deal of lumen lost due to you using that sanyo at a 5 amp cont. discharge compared to the higher output battery, only 8 lumens difference after the high step down in fact. I have plenty of brand new panasonic 3400’s, protected and unprotected laying around already (among other brands) and don’t want to have to purchase more if there really isn’t significant output difference or reason to…what’s your opinion ?

FreakzRitual says:

I recently ordered the astrolux S1 from banggood and that new convoy c8 you reviewed but I found a low budget flashlight company from aliexpress.com that is similar to other brands, They seem like their lights are high quality it’s called sofirn I’ll probably order some to checkout. Do you know anything about aliexpress?

knives save lives says:

What is the most beat up flashlight pictured along with the others?

Math says:

Did you tried it against Olight s1r turboS (short version of the astrolux) I bought the 2 lights and still waiting my olight to arrive and can’t wait to trie it !!

rca says:

Do you know of any pressure switches that work with this light?

Deliminator says:

I need to stop watching your videos. I’m looking at 5 flashlights on my night stand and now this one is on my way.

Old Ben says:

Bought this. 🙂

Jerry Nierzejewski says:

great review, just bought a klarus st15 but i think this beauty will be next

Hmb MusicClass says:

i went to the bang site – and at the last minute, noticed the flashlight does NOT come with a battery. So, unless I read it all wrong, and i wouldn’t be surprised… but that makes the price of the flashlight somewhat higher – because you have to also order the battery. Like buying a car for a few hundred dollars… oh, did you want an engine? that is extra! Sombeody correct me if I am wrong. I was interested in this flashlight until I saw the missing battery and the chinese language – I also don’t think this is any rechargeable type stuff – nor can I use regular batteries like the G700. Maybe I should just stick with my LumiTact G700 scam. It is a decent flashlight but I did pay too much!!!!!

john treadway says:

Will this attach to a hat?

Michael Mantion says:

Do you really think people appreciate your stupid, snarky and sarcastic comments?

Because I love them. Thanks for an amazing video, I hope your other videos are as good as this. I just got this flashlight and the modes confused the heck out of me. I found a instruction guide and diagram that confused me even more.

I am eternally grateful to you, and have subed, and for the first time ever, clicked that bell thing.

Keep up the videos and #MAGA

NZHorizones says:

These are still such great value but I do wonder what eh estimated candela was?

Math says:

I just receive that light and tried regular cr123a batt just to try it because I didn’t receive my 18350 battery (I have the short version) and I hope its gonna be brighter than that because right now with those cells its no where near that bright !

wlexxx says:

what’s with all the walking around with an LP tank?

Evan Trevino says:

Hey man. Today I guess my BLF A6 emitter burnt out… where will I be able to get a replacement led assemble. I’ve been using this light everyday since sept. 2 it would be nice if I could just solder two wires thanks in advance!
Would that work?

Cristiano says:

Beer!!!! After flashlight , the beer is the best!!! rsrsrsr : )

The_Overlander says:

Really appreciate the detailed testing, thanks 🙂

TheRealest says:

Lmao… Id watch this guys videos just to hear him talk

knives save lives says:

I’m going to make the leap and mod my convoy s2+ it’s gonna have a sst40 emitter and I’m getting a driver with guppy 3 where I can set the turbo timer! Yay! That was a mouthful.

bRad 1967 says:

Cool light man! Great review!

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