Flashlight Review: Noctigon M43 Meteor 6300 lumens! Worlds Smallest & Brightest of 2016?

Probably the current champ for the worlds smallest and brightest LED flashlight of 2015 or 2016. It was certainly my favorite and the best flashlight of the year. This light can crank out as much as 8000 lumens depending on which configuration you buy it in. It’s shorter than most single 18650 based flashlights and smaller in diameter than a coke can.

Visit: http://intl-outdoor.com/noctigon-418650-meteor-m43-p-864.html to check out the light and buy it.
Or you can buy it in the US at: http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=80&product_id=505
Recommended Batteries: http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_88&product_id=541

Also as a correction… I incorrectly said 6600 lumens in the video… it’s actually 6300 lumens. A 6600 lumen version is available in the NW S3 3D emitter option… so you can get a 6600 lumen version should you choose!

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James Halleluyah says:

The Imalent seems to have a nice clean flood style light which I like.

check12 thismicon says:

making jokes wastes time. your videos are way too long. keep them to 5 minutes

jerkzao says:

that alan wake flashback

Didi Kelvandi says:

i can do this for my gun toy

Ralph Konig says:

This video was really helpful!

lakevacm says:

How much is this mohencky? Where can I get one?

Billthesheepdog says:

your website is down?

TheAirheaded1 says:

Who said size matters? Lil stubby packs a punch! Haaaaaaaa

beggindogs says:

Thanks for all the beam shots, really puts things in perspective

attack125 says:

the “lame single xml” flashlights are still alot brighter then a normal flashlight.  and they only cost 5 bucks. but here’s a question.   how do these stack up against a magliteedit:  nvm  maglite’s are old news.  even a maglite with a special xml bulb designed for it. it pretty terrible

Nicoman008 says:

nowhere near 6300 lumens. 1500 maybe.


So far using this M43 on a nightly basis I noticed a few things.
#1 The floody beam is one of the nicest I have seen it provides great edge to edge illumination and does not a harsh hotspot, the dispersal of the light is very nice and smooth. This is a great work light etc..

A lot of lights are all about how far you can go but thats good for one use, this is a much more overall usable light.

#2 UI-1 is extremely simple click to turn on low or moonlight(last memorized mode or double click to step it up and one click off is so much nicer than the other brands with it sequential order, having to hold down for 1 sec to turn on then clicking to go through modes is confusing and easy to mess up. The M43 way is much more user friendly

I like the fact that holding down kicks off Turbo quickly but if you hold past 6s it stays on.

UI-1 is very quick to use and remember, plus you get 5 levels which is more than enough. more expensive lights offer 4 levels and the UI is not as easy and quick as M43 UI-1

This compact light can run at 740ma (medium) and it stays cool it gets slightly warm after running for a while.

The beacon indicating power level is great, you always know where the light is if a sudden power outage occurs and you always know the current charge level. It is nice to know the status of charge at a quick glance.

It is getting lots of use I find it odd that its a very little known product I suspect it does not get any marketing like the other big companies out there selling less for the money 🙂

Joe Luke says:

is the BRINYTE B158 the best/brightest flashlight under $50-100 ???

nobeltnium says:

unprotected cell required, hmmm…
any chance that you will kill your cell when you over drain it? high drain cell ain’t cheap though. this is the only thing keeps me from getting one of these 🙁

I am Coast2coastLoud says:

All this clicking and holding and 3748582 different modes just made me not buy this thing.

Jim Thompson says:

Can you review EVERYTHING? great work!

Cheshire Kingsley says:

This is by far the most entertaining flashlight video I have ever watched. Keep it up bro =D

rich5817 says:

Dam some junk flashlights advertised here 238 bucks for a 500 lumen light ?

Steve Kluver says:

Hey, I just wanted to stop by here again quick, because I also wanted to be viewer #801,237! and to ask you if you will now . . . test this lights highest, of the two high modes, in Ui#2, which is not Turbo : – ) 4000lm+? and, will it hold it without dropping? This flashlight is calling my name again.

Seth Phelps says:

Are you planning on doing a review of the Olight X7 Marauder? I’d like to see what you think of it. I’ve been wanting a big bright portable flashlight.

Magneticitist says:

I’ll paint your shed for that meteor

Darrin Rentruc says:

Hi. I’m hoping you could help me. It’s almost Christmas and I want to get my husband the Noctigon Meteor M43 flashlight. I go to order one and they ask if I want either Cool White – XP-G2 S4 2B
Neutral White – XP-G2 S4 3D
Neutral White – XP-G2 S4 5D2
Neutral White – Nichia 219CT 83CRI
I have no idea what these look like so I don’t know how to choose. Are there pictures somewhere that show the different options while outside at night, or are you good at verbally describing them? I’ve searched and the only thing I am pretty sure about is going with the Neutral White rather than the Cool White. All else is foreign language to me. I’d appreciate any tidbits you might throw my way.

bear Mitch says:

i dont want to spend more than like £8 maximum as im using amazon
voucher what i already have in there XD so i want to spend just £8 so i
found these cuz so many have delivery cost or would take months to come
but i found these but what one would be brighter out of all or what one
is best ? here are the links to amazon listings of them



BTW the first 2 links look the same torch idk if there the same but
there are loads of these copies or something lol



i wanted a torch what could like light all around me like one of them
one what light are so bright it lights up all around you or even a whole
room or forest but they lie about the power so idk and none of them are
good anyway but what would be the better one.

number 3 looks cool with the added features like magnet but it says its
only 150 lumens so that not the brightest out of all of them but idk
what would be rubbish or fake

Sample Textᴴᴰ says:

But does it have *TACTICAL STROBE*?
God forbid a light not having *TACTICAL STROBE*! /s

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