Flashlight Review : Thrunite TN12 (1050 Lumens Under $50)


TheRobojay says:

does anyone know of a zoomable flashlight with this particular LED?

Broadsidejohn says:

Great review, as always. It is truly amazing how much light they are now getting from these small units. I wish they offered other colors, i.e. gold, blue, red, silver. I am sick of all flashlights available in whatever color you want. What you want is black. Black black black black. It makes it difficult to find in, say, a suitcase or duffel. One last niggle: I have no use for .3 lumens. The reason most of my flashlights are Fenix is they actually have usable settings.

Avenging Angel says:

I was looking for a good flashlight as a PI. This thing looks perfect. Not so clunky and heavy like those maglites, bright output, even a strobe function, and holster for my belt. This is a perfect little device. And for $50? Damn, that’s great. Hell, I nearly paid $25.00 for a 350 lumen flashlight.

Olympic Outdoors Dad says:

I thought u didn’t like those type of batterys?

ThePoorMansButter says:

Whats the shock and water resistance rating?

biblesnbarbells says:

Thanks for the review.  I think I am going to pick this one up.  Anthony.

Matthew Cusanelli says:

do they make on with a strike bezel?

NexisFilms says:

Made the mistake of ordering this thing and forgot it does not come with the battery …
Now I’m waiting for the battery to arrive, like an anxious kid on Christmas ..

Flyingpapaya says:

I just got one of these in and Thrunite is now shipping these with black pocket clips.

wayne61650 says:

I’m sure it’s a personal preference but which model is better to buy? The neutral white or the cool white. All this is new to me.

Thanks for your help.

Roberto Colon says:

may i suggest trustfire  TR-3T6 3X CREE XM-L T6 3800 LUMENS 5 MODES flashlight?
its big but very bright.

David Silver says:

Glass or plastic lens ?  I don’t like plastic lenses,, the cloud over and scratch

Kris Dixon says:

Did you get Cool White or Neutral White? Seems to be two options online

keyster says:

THIS flashlight was a disappointment. .. 🙁

CP 1993 says:

My edc bag

vincent russo says:

had a quick question, im not sure if you are familiar with vaping/ electronic cigarettes but some take high drain 18650 batteries, pretty much the same as the one you have in your light just about to handle high amps. was wondering if i could use one of those in any 18650 flashlight? im sure the answer is yes but just wanted to see what you thought. thanks

straightedgecmp says:

Anybody ever had this on a shotgun??

TheTobboT says:

Why in America do you feel the need to carry a gun, knife, torch, multi tool etc. Here where I live I go out with a phone, wallet and keys? Just wondering

Michael Caz says:

Great Video. How does this compare to the Zebralight SC600w Mk II ( which is smaller ) and 1100 Lumens. I want to buy a Small Compact EDC Light that is Phenomenal Quality. I already have a Fenix TK-15 Tactical. Thanks. – Michael – NYC –

Noctua says:

Hey CutleryLover,
Can you do a review on the Fenix pd35 2014? I was looking into getting one but want to know your impressions of the light.

Nick Macedo says:

Hey Jeff, have you ever had issues with buying anything from Thrunite that is shipped from oversees? I just recently bought a Ti 4 and it shipped from China (they weren’t stocking in their US warehouse). This was three weeks ago. Have you ever had issues like that with shipping?

07higginbotham says:

So why did you show strobe mode indoors, but then when you were outside you said it has no strobe mode? Does it have strobe or not?

Dinner-fork tongue says:

My pockets are (physically) deep, I don’t carry more than a simple kit (light, lighter, wallet and cell phone – gotta get a pocket knife or multitool), and my hands are a lot larger than average. Any 1xAA torch disappears inside my fist (which is why I phased the Fenix E11 out of my EDC kit), and I don’t even want to think of how it would be with the much smaller CR123-sized lights if they’re tailcap-switches (side switches are a-OK).

This light, with the clip for securing to my pants pocket’s edge and a lanyard for drop-securing, is nothing short of perfect for my needs.

Marcus Anonymous says:

I want one flashlight 1000 lummens +, zommable, one mode switch, magnetic.

ThePoorMansButter says:

He mentioned this light not having much of a focus point, so how well would it be as a defensive light? As far as searing retinas and temporarily blinding someone goes. I know it’s high Lumens, but I don’t know if it will blind like I’d like it to.

tj jordan says:

starting at 0:55  am I the only one that was squinching my eyes when the camera zoomed in and showed a close up of the lens where the light comes out? I’m like dude please don’t turn that light on… please don’t !

Leonardo Summers says:

Too many Thrunite fanboys as nobody is mentioning that the instructions state don’t keep the flashlight on high for more than 15minutes otherwise it damages LED.

Chef Daniel LaCroix says:

hey jeff sorry if this is a bit long but i was on amazon looking at this flashlight and read this The Brightest Flashlight on 1 x 18650 — Adopted latest Cree XM-L2 U2 LED combined with new designed ThruNite drive up to 1050 ANSI lumen. Neutral white output will be 20% less than cool white. at 20% less output would be around 840 lumen is it worth it to loose the light to gain the neutral white a reply of some sort would be nice but if you cant i understand you proberly wont see this with all the comments anyway im sure someone will have the answer if not you  p.s sorry if you fell asleep reading this long ass comment

Krankie V says:

I just ordered one yesterday. ThruNite has a package deal right now, this light, plus 2 of those rechargeable 18650 batteries and a charger- all for $89.95 and free shipping.

Roland D. Guerrero says:

I’ve yet to buy one or two..
Everyone could use such a durable compact efficient with. Such illumination

Bryan G says:

The tn12 does have strobe mode. Just hold down side button for 2 seconds. With the light on

ForViewingOnly says:

Is the beam on the TN12 too narrow for walking at night over rough terrain? I’ve got an LED Lenser P7 and use wide beam when walking and flick it to narrow beam when looking far ahead. If the TN12 is unsuitable, can anyone suggest an adjustable focus torch that takes rechargeable batteries and gives a good constantly bright beam? (I can’t put up with the drop in brightness anymore with the P7’s alkaline AAA cells). Thanks.

Darin Humble says:

4.498 = 4.4? nononono. 
Oh well don’t mind my nit pickin’ Nice review, I think I might be gettin one of these.

warriorprince101010 says:

In the UK I can get two Thrunite TN12 for the same price as a PD32.

  No contest.

John Wick says:

You showed the strobe then said “there’s no strobe”?

ogostaboy says:

Thrunite is a brand i started checking first when shopping for a new light since they offer good quality,variety and affordability.I got the small t20 and the beast tn36 from them.However in this segment i find the NiteCore p12 to have a better fit and finish for the same price.

Bryan Resch says:

Their customer service is not what they claim. The drop test does not work and your wasting your money. Buy cheap , get cheap quality. Stick with one of the other quality built and service conscious companies. They can not find my ID number , therefore they will not replace it. I was told you go look for it myself. Fenix will have you give your name and tell you everything you ordered. I would rather pay more for quality , customer service any day. Good luck

jeff ghant says:

Just got mine through Amazon, and man is it bright!!

AxleKlown says:

My edc set up isa leatherman wave with bit kit  a ferro rod and striker with a kershaw mini knife screwdriver plus a zippo all in the wave pouch 2 knives one defense one smaller edc type  a pd35 in the belt sheath  my carry gun is a glock 30gen4 in the small of my back all of this is setup to be as comfortable as can be to me 

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